7 cheap Father’s Day gift ideas

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With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to find the perfect gift for Dad. Getting the perfect gift doesn’t have to mean purchasing a boring tie. Here are seven inexpensive gift ideas that can help you save money while showing Dad you care.

  1. Spend a day with Dad doing his favorite hobby. Go out and spend some time doing Dad’s favorite activity, whether it’s fishing, golfing or just throwing the Frisbee. Dad works hard, and he’ll be thrilled to spend a bit of time doing one of his favorite activities with you. If he’s already got plans for Father’s Day, schedule the activity for as soon as possible.
  2. Combine a heartfelt letter with a gift card. Nothing will show Dad you care more than expressing your feelings in a handwritten letter or homemade card. You don’t have to get terribly sappy; your dad will appreciate simply hearing how much he means to you. And toss in a small gift card to his favorite burger joint or coffee shop.
  3. Buy Dad’s favorite movie or CD. Present Dad with a copy of one of his favorite movies that he doesn’t already own, or look for something you know he’ll like. If a movie isn’t Dad’s thing, consider a CD from his favorite band or comedian.
  4. Wash Dad’s car. Everyone loves a freshly washed and cleaned car, so clean up Dad’s jalopy. All you’ll need is a bit of soap and water, a vacuum and a small willingness to do some manual labor.
  5. Give Dad a picture of the important people in his life. Find a picture of you and your siblings — or, you and your children — that you know he’ll love and head over to a photo printing store, such as Wal-Mart, Target or Walgreens. Get the picture printed for less than $1. Find an appropriate frame and gift away. Bonus: If you remember the circumstances surrounding the photo, write a little note about how much you enjoyed the moment.
  6. Offer Dad a day off. Take care of Dad’s household chores for the day. Mow the lawn, water the yard and complete any other chores. Let him take the day off to work on that project he’s always wanted to finish, or simply to relax with the family.
  7. Host a family BBQ. Dad loves hanging around the grill, so why not invite the family members over and have a barbecue? Whip up a special dessert and have someone other than Dad handle the grill.

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