Do they really want that boring gift card?

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Jean: Do you give gift cards?

Woman 1: I sometimes give Starbucks cards. I figure that’s pretty generic.

Woman 2: I’m notorious for collecting them and then forgetting to use them. West Elm, Pottery Barn.

Man 1: They sit for a while.

Jean: They count on that.

Man1: Yup

Jean: That about a billion dollars every single year in gift cards goes unused.

Man 1: Oh yeah, I bet. I just used one yesterday actually at Barnes and Noble.

Jean: From last year?

Man 1: It was sitting about 2 years.

Woman 3: I just try to keep them in one place, and we go through them all the time. We’ve got Panera. We’ve got Chick-fil-A. We’ve got whatever.

Man 2: I find them awful. I’m just one of those people that just probably has a couple of hundred dollars all over the place.

Jean: So, what’s the right way to give a gift card?

Jean: If you were to get a gift card, what kind of gift cards are your favorites types to get?

Man 3: B&H, which is like photos.

Jean: Because you’re a photographer?

Man 3: Yes, exactly.

Jean: Make sure that you choose the gift card to give very carefully. Keep the recipient in mind. Think about giving a gift card for an experience rather than a gift card to a store. So a museum, yoga, a massage. Bankrate’s Gift Card Survey has the information you need to make a good decision about which card is best for you.