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8 foolhardy, silly and outrageous tax deductions: Bankrate’s 2016 edition

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Did you hear the one about the shaving razor deduction? Or the lingerie model’s tax-deductible kitchen renovation? Or the proud parents who creatively included their children’s annual incomes on their joint tax return?

Pull up a bar stool and pour yourself a stiff one; it’s time once again for Bankrate’s annual 8 crazy-but-true taxpayer attempts to dodge, shirk and limbo under their constitutional obligation to help keep our country afloat.

This year’s edition of groaners for grownups comes courtesy of some of America’s finest certified public accountants, who somehow manage to stifle a Starbucks spit-take when they hear the logic behind some decidedly questionable client tax deductions.

Past Bankrate crazy tax editions exposed haywire attempts to claim medical or business deductions for everything from breast enhancements and Harley-Davidsons to charitable sperm donations and Rolex “time monitoring systems.” One cash-strapped shopkeeper even tried to write off his own arsonist!

Warning: Do not try to slide zingers like these past the Internal Revenue Service. Serious consequences may result if you fail to file, falsely file or otherwise concoct your own alternate reality on your annual return.

All aboard the crazy tax train! Here come Bankrate’s 8 craziest tax deductions, 2016 edition!