Shopping secrets retailers won’t tell you

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Shopping is a science…in fact, numbers are carefully calculated and merchandise is strategically placed to ensure you spend money. I’m Kristin Arnold with your Personal Finance Minute.

Retailers have uncovered the science behind shopping…and that science entices shoppers to spend more money on items that are bright and tastefully displayed at the front of the store or to the right of entrances as studies have shown that majority of the population is right-handed and right-oriented.

BOGO’s or 2-FERS are another way retailers get you to spend more money….they’re usually displayed to the right as well. But they’re not always a good deal…especially if you’re not familiar with the regular price.

It’s no surprise that clearance racks are positioned at the back of the store, as you’ll have to pass all the tempting full price merchandise to get to the mark-downs.

Now, that you know all the tricks…you can avoid falling for them. so, always plan ahead before you enter a store to shop. That means having a list of items you need and a budget and most importantly, avoiding the tempting areas.

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