Cooking up a pricey backyard barbecue

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It might be physically impossible to have an American summer without participating in at least one barbecue.

Every time we fire up the grill, we seem to be reliving that universal 8 mm movie of the quintessential barbecue scene. None of us will admit it, but we likely have our own “Wonder Years” inner monologue whenever we hear the crackle of fat on steel and sip an adult beverage while our foreheads crisp in the sun.

There’s no real secret to it: Meat gets cooked outdoors and served to a gathering of friends, who ideally each brought a cheap drink and something that loosely complements cooked meat.

But what if you could rewrite the script one time and pull out all the stops for the most expensive barbecue your backyard has ever seen? What if you could tell Kevin Arnold to can it if he doesn’t put on some bling? How would one go about constructing such an event? We’re not talking about live entertainment and bounce houses, but the bare bones of a barbecue. Bare, expensive bones — like a grill, burger, cutlery and beer.

Normally, these essential barbecue components are accessible and affordable. However, the barbecue that follows will not be confused with being either of these.

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