Transcript: Cut costs with energy audit

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John Paul / FPL Energy Management Consultant: 23 – :30

Anchor Intro: When it comes to taxes, one of the last words you?d like to hear is ?audit.? But Bankrate tells us, when it comes to your energy bills, an audit is actually good.

Voice over 1: If you want to know how much energy and money is flying out your window and doors do your own audit.

Voice over 2: Grab a candle or a lighter and go on a draft hunt: check where walls meet ceilings and floors, around electrical outlets, windows, door frames and baseboards. Where ever you see or feel a draft, seal it. This can slash your utility bill by 30-percent.

Voice over 3: Not a do-it-yourselfer? Ask your utility company if they’ll do an audit for you.

SOT 1: ?With the price of fuel going up and more people wanting to go green and help environment, it?s become very popular to do home energy audits…?

Voice over 4: It takes more than two-hours of comprehensive tests to get the bottom line:

NAT SOT 2: ?This is going to tell us, when we put the data in the computer, the overall leakiness of the house…?

Voice over 5: The auditor checks filters? intakes? and every single air duct in your home.

NAT SOT 3: ?This is not good, this is a disconnected duct.?

Voice over 6: Even your hot water?s temperature is taken.

Voice over 6: Your auditor will tell you what to fix and mark leaks for a repair contractor. The repairs aren’t free, but sometimes the utility company will help offset the cost with credits.

Standup: If you can’t get a free audit from your local utility, you might a pro that will do one for you. They’re not cheap…3 to 700 dollars. But you won’t need another one for years…. and this is the type of thing that can easily pay for itself in energy savings. For, I?m Kristin Arnold.