5 ways to save money without deep cuts

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If you’ve been struggling to save money the good news is you don’t give up everything you enjoy, just adjusting your lifestyle a little could reap big rewards.

I’m Sheyna Steiner with the Bankrate.com personal finance minute.

If you know where to look you may be able to cut some fat out of your budget and never really notice.

For instance, though cable TV services vary by region, nearly everyone pays too much based on what they actually use. Try to set up a system where you only pay for what you actually watch. That means doing something a little counterintuitive and opting for the most basic cable plan and using on-demand services and pay per view in lieu of premium channel subscriptions.

Also you may be able to save by ditching your unlimited cell phone plan. Chances are you’re paying for minutes or services that you’re not using. Though pre-paid plans cost more by the minute, most people end up spending drastically less.

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