Muscle car: Chevrolet Corvette

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Top road trip vehicles: Chevrolet Corvette
Muscle car
Chevy Corvette
Starting at $49,515
16 city/26 highway (manual), 15 city/25 highway (automatic)
Why it’s trip-worthy:

“It brings up echoes in my mind of Route 66,” says Jack Nerad with Kelley Blue Book and The new one features comfort and style that he says previous versions have not offered. “It makes it a great vehicle to say get in and put in 600, 700 miles in a day,” he says. The mileage in the car, which has a 6.2-liter, V-8 engine, is an amazing accomplishment for Chevrolet, Consumer Reports’ Mike Quincy says.

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Muscle car: Chevy Corvette

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