Protect your identity

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PART 14: Protecting your identity   April 2008
Your identity is sacrosanct. Don’t let a fraudulent twin take over your life.
Costs of ID theft to consumers, society
Safeguard your Social Security number
8 tips to limit your exposure to ID theft
Risks of online public records
Identity theft risks in a lifetime
New red flag rules to stem ID theft
26 red flags revealed
Filing a police report: futile exercise?
Take action:
10 tips to computer security
How to surf and shop safely
Already a victim? Follow these 12 steps
7 easy ways to lose your identity
Do-it-yourself vs. ID theft protection services
Readers tell ID theft tales
3 more ways thieves exploit identities
ATM and debit card fraud on the rise
Linda Foley: former victim helps others
Chris Jay Hoofnagle wants banks to fess up
Bob Sullivan blames the credit card industry
Expert Steve Gibson won’t open attachments
National poll: Americans worry about ID theft
Online poll: Is ID theft on your radar screen?
Money Makeover
Profile: “Mike” suffers a security breach
Problem: An ID thief uses Mike’s information
Plan: Mike follows steps to restore his name
Update: The Flemings get a new mortgage
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