Private loan work sheet

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Do your funds match your expenses? You may need a little extra help getting through college in the form of a private loan. Calculate how much you might need with this work sheet.



Secured financial aid
Grants and scholarships   $______________
College aid $______________
State aid $______________
Federal work-study $______________
Federal student loan $______________
Federal PLUS loan $______________
Investment savings $______________
Employment $______________
Miscellaneous $______________
Total:   $______________


Expected costs
School tuition and fees   $______________
Books and supplies $______________
Room and board $______________
Transportation $______________
Miscellaneous $______________
Total:   $______________

Subtract the total aid already secured from the expected costs to get the amount to be borrowed in private loans.

_________________ _________________ = _________________
Total financial aid   Total expected costs   Total amount needed
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