Lowering an interest rate

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Request a lower interest rate

Instruction: Dial the toll-free number on the back of your card. Use this script or some variation of it:

Hi, my name is (Your Name). I have been a cardholder with your company for the last (number) years. My account is in good standing and I would like to continue using it. However, I would like you to consider giving me a lower interest rate on this account or I may switch to a card with a better rate.

Record the name of the person to whom you spoke, the date, your interest rate and then a date six months later when you can make your request again. If the person refuses to give you a lower rate, try again the next day to reach someone more helpful. After successfully lowering your interest rate, wait six months and ask again.

Credit card Phone No. Person you spoke to Interest rate Date Date to call again
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