Are you financially self-destructive?

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Are you unwittingly putting yourself in financial jeopardy by committing self-destructive acts? Take our quiz to discover if you have what it takes to preserve your credit and quality of life.

  1. Your clunker is ready for the junkyard in the sky, and you’re ready to wheel and deal for a new car. As you surf the Internet for the best deal, do you check with several lenders giving each one enough personal information about you so they can run a credit check?

    Of course. I just want to find the lowest rate and get the best deal. It’s not like I am agreeing to anything.

    Personal information is just that, personal. Once I am ready to get serious with a lender, then I will reveal enough details for a credit check.

  2. Which of these scenarios best describes your habit for paying your monthly credit card bill?

    Usually, I pay my bill using the credit card company’s online payment service — no stamps, no envelopes and no check. And, I know my payment will get there on time.

    Call me “The procrastinator.” I hate the whole bill-paying chore and usually end up paying my bills at the last minute.

  3. Your credit card statement arrived this month with a little booklet of boring details called ”terms of use.” Do you toss it out or read it and keep it?

    Trash it. Fine prints hurt my eyes and don’t they usually say the same thing?

    I may need a magnifying glass but I’m still going to read it.

  4. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a pool and a back yard perfect for summer barbecues. You finally found the perfect house, but it’s going to be a stretch to pay the mortgage each month. What do you do?

    I don’t care. This house is my dream and it’s worth the struggle.

    I love this house but it’s not meant for me … not yet.

  5. You finally found that Macy’s bill you lost last week. The due date’s tomorrow but, oops you?re not getting paid until next week!

    I’ll forego my weekend plans and use the extra money to pay at least the minimum amount due and drive to the nearest Macy’s store tomorrow.

    I’ll wait until next week. Isn’t this what grace periods are for?

  6. You brought your new puppy to the veterinarian. In the paperwork you are asked for your home address, phone numbers and your social security number for ”billing” purposes. Do you …

    Give them all the information except for your social security number. They don’t need that.

    Give them your social security number. You’ve got nothing to hide.