Dealing with taxes and everything that entails is not easy. That’s why when we finally complete our annual tax tasks, we don’t want to think about tax brackets or withholding or even money-saving tax credits for another year. But that’s not always a wise move.

When you stay diligtake care of tax details as they arise throughout the year — before your return is due, while you’re filling it out or long after it’s gone to the IRS — you’ll find that can actually ease both your tax trepidation and your tax bill. Being diligent can be rewarding.

There are several tax chores that require attention at times other than April 15. In this chapter, we’ll look at three of the most-common tax considerations that crop up outside the usual filing season:

  • estimated tax payments
  • change of address notifications
  • and tax record keeping.

You could save yourself substantial tax dollars if you pay proper attention to these tax details.