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Looking for advice on lowering your federal or state taxes? You’ve come to the right place. Plus, get news and advice related to tax brackets, property taxes, estate taxes and more.

Latest Articles

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    Filling out your W-4

    For most taxpayers, payroll withholding is our first tax contact. Here’s why and how income tax is withheld.

    1 min read Apr 01, 2005
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    When to file

    Everyone knows about April 15, but believe it or not, this deadline is not as hard and fast as you may think.

    2 min read Apr 01, 2005
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    Child-related tax credits

    The child tax credit helps temper the high cost of child-rearing. Stop pulling your hair out.

    3 min read Apr 01, 2005
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    Chapter 3: Deductions

    The IRS collects only on your taxable income. Deductions can help you reduce that amount.

    1 min read Apr 01, 2005
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    10 tax troubles you can avoid

    If the tax man starts questioning your return, don’t make matters worse by making one of these 10 costly blunders.

    5 min read Mar 01, 2005
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    Overlooked deductions on old returns

    A reader thinks he may have overlooked the mortgage points deduction. Our expert explains this tax break, along with how to get copies of old returns.

    1 min read Apr 10, 2003
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    Taxes on a foreign stockholder

    Neither gains nor losses on stock sales apply to nonresident owners of securities. However, dividends paid on those assets are taxable.

    1 min read Oct 24, 2002
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    Tax options when selling and moving

    Our tax expert discusses how a couple forced to sell for a job-related move can claim a partial personal residence tax exclusion.

    1 min read Jul 31, 2002
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    Deducting travel expenses

    Tax expert George Saenz discusses whether a teacher can write off a trip as job-related.

    1 min read Jan 10, 2001
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    Taxes across the nation

    Fuel taxes — and gas prices — are going up in North Carolina just in time for summer vacations. Meanwhile, Minnesota tax officials hope their expanded compliance efforts will net them thousands of [...]

    2 min read Jun 29, 2000
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    Yankees, Go File!

    Time is up for New England taxpayers. A one-day extension to file returns ends today and federal tax forms must be in the mail by midnight April 18, 2000.

    1 min read Apr 18, 2000
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