Mortgage news this week
The big news this week: The Federal Reserve decided to hold off on raising rates — for now. We also cover buying a home in a hurricane zone, getting a tax break with a home equity loan and why you should rethink paying off your mortgage in a recession.

‘Higher for longer’: How the Fed move affects mortgage rates

The Fed announced this week it’d keep interest rates where they are for the time being. Here’s how that policy could affect mortgage rates.

Tips for homebuyers in hurricane zones

More and more homebuyers are considering climate risk. Amid hurricane season, learn how to assess your risk when purchasing property in a hurricane-prone area.

How a home equity loan can get you a tax break

You might be able to deduct the interest on your home equity loan — but only if you use it for certain purposes and itemize. Learn how.

Should you prepay your mortgage in tough times?

It might be tempting to pay off your mortgage as a safeguard when a recession strikes, but it comes with downsides. Here’s why prepaying your mortgage might not be a good idea, and what you should do instead.