After the Federal Reserve decided to hold off on cutting rates, mortgage rates increased slightly, though remain below 7 percent. Plus, we cover when you should lock your mortgage rate, the future of real estate agent commissions and more.

Rates tick up, but still under 7%

While the 30-year mortgage rate averaged slightly higher this week, it’s still lower compared to recent months. Check out our weekly analysis to see where rates could be headed.

When should you lock your mortgage rate?

Mortgage rates fluctuate all the time. Here’s how to know when to lock in your rate.

What’s happening with real estate commissions?

A flood of lawsuits could change the standard commissions real estate agents collect. Learn how this pricey payment could change in the future.

Looking to the spring housing market

With 2023 a tough year for homebuyers, will 2024 bring some relief? Find out what the experts predict for this homebuying season.

What you’ll pay to refinance

If you need to refinance now, here’s how much it could cost you.