Avant and OneMain Financial cater to borrowers with less-than-perfect credit. They have higher rates than some other lenders on the market, but they are good options if you are unable to qualify with banks or more competitive online lenders.

Avant vs. OneMain Financial at a glance

Avant and OneMain Financial have similar offers, though Avant may cost slightly less for some borrowers.

Avant OneMain Financial
Bankrate score 4.7 4.4
Better for Lower potential APR Smaller loans
Loan amounts $2,000-$35,000 $1,500-$20,000
APRs 9.95%-35.99% 18.00%-35.99%
Loan term lengths 12-60 months 24-60 months
Fees •Administrative fee up to 4.75%
•$25 late payment fee
•$15 returned payment fee
•Origination fee up to 10%
•$5 to $30 late payment fee
•$10 to $50 returned payment fee
Minimum credit score 550 No set minimum credit score
Time to funding As soon as the next business day As soon as the same day

Avant personal loans


  • Reasonable starting APR.
  • Late payment grace period.
  • Low minimum credit score requirement.


  • High starting loan amount.
  • Steep administrative fees.
  • No joint applications.

Avant’s personal loans are slightly more competitive than OneMain Financial. Although its administrative fee — similar to an origination fee — is high at nearly five percent, it may still be smaller than what you could qualify for with OneMain. Similarly, the annual percentage rate (APR) on its loans starts at a much lower rate than OneMain Financial.

Its loans are also unsecured, which means you don’t need to provide collateral to be approved. You can qualify as long as your credit score is 550 or higher and you have an open checking or savings account.

These features make Avant a good option if you have a credit score on the lower end of the fair credit range. You could score a loan with a lower monthly payment and limit your risk.

OneMain Financial personal loans


  • No minimum credit score.
  • Potential same-day funding.
  • In-person and online applications.


  • High starting APR.
  • Origination fee.
  • Collateral required.

OneMain Financial is a top lender for borrowers with bad credit. There is no minimum credit score, which means you may be able to qualify with OneMain even if other lenders won’t consider your application. And unlike payday loans, its APR is capped at 36 percent. While that does mean high monthly payments, it is a less predatory rate than other lenders that work with bad credit.

That doesn’t make OneMain Financial cheap, however. You will face a starting APR of 18 percent — much higher than other lenders — combined with an origination fee that can be up to 10 percent of the loan amount. In addition, OneMain Financial requires you to provide collateral to secure your loan. This can be any valuable asset, but it can make qualifying difficult if you don’t have something that meets OneMain’s criteria.

The primary benefit to borrowing with OneMain is its same-day funding. If you are able to pick up a check, you can have your funds the same day you apply. If not, a bank account transfer takes about as long as Avant, usually one to two business days.

How to choose between Avant and OneMain Financial

Ultimately, Avant and OneMain Financial are similar enough that it doesn’t hurt to apply with both lenders. Since they allow you to prequalify for a loan, you can see your potential rates without committing. This means you can make an informed decision and choose the lender that offers you the better deal.

Avant has a lower potential APR

Avant is a good choice if you meet its credit requirement because of the lower APR. While you could receive an APR similar to the range offered by OneMain Financial, the chance of a lower monthly payment makes applying worthwhile. Its lower fees and no collateral requirement are also benefits.

OneMain Financial has smaller loans

OneMain Financial is a good choice if you need to borrow a smaller loan or don’t meet Avant’s credit requirements. Its minimum loan amount is $1,500, and you could get funded the same day you apply. Provided you can handle the monthly payments on your loan, OneMain Financial is a better choice for borrowing less — which could mean spending less overall.

Compare lenders before applying

Avant and OneMain Financial are solid options, but they aren’t the only choices available. There are a wide range of bad credit loans available, so keep searching until you find a lender that works for you. And as with any loan, calculate the cost — with fees — before you borrow to ensure you are getting a loan that fits your budget.