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Hippo is a relatively new insurance carrier that sells home and condo insurance. The company uses a modern, technology-driven approach to offer innovative coverages and a host of available discounts. The company even offers a free smart home kit to eligible customers, with a discount built in as soon as it is activated.

With Hippo, you can get a home insurance quote in about a minute. But is Hippo’s insurance right for you? Bankrate’s insurance editorial team has reviewed the company’s coverage options, discounts and third-party rankings to help you make an educated decision about your insurance coverage.

Hippo home insurance

Hippo understands how reliant modern customers are on technology. The company offers modern coverage options, like increased limits on electronics and appliances, that might help you feel more secure in your insurance coverage.

Types of coverage

Home insurance policies are packages of numerous converges. Hippo offers several types of home insurance policies, so you have options to choose the policy that fits your needs.

In addition to the standard home insurance coverages like dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, liability coverage and loss of use coverage, Hippo offers several unique options that you may be able to add to your policy for extra protection:

  • Computer and home office coverage: Hippo offers four times the limit of other companies for your computer and home office equipment. This may be especially appealing if you work from home.
  • Water backup coverage: If water backs up in a sewer or drain line and damages your home or belongings, this coverage is designed to pay for the damages up to your policy limit.
  • Appliances and electronics coverage: Hippo knows that homes are more technologically advanced than they used to be. You may be able to get coverage for your appliance systems and electronics.
  • Enhanced rebuilding cost: If your home is destroyed, you may have the option to receive up to 25% more than your dwelling coverage amount to rebuild it.
  • Personal property replacement cost: This option is designed to pay for the full replacement cost of your belongings rather than factoring in depreciation.
  • Service line coverage: If the water, gas or sewer lines between your house and the street are damaged or worn, this coverage may help pay for the repairs.
  • Hippo Home Care: Although it is not insurance coverage, Hippo offers an exclusive Home Care program that can help you fix problems around the house, hire contractors and get recommendations for professionals in your area.

Because Hippo writes coverage in many states, options could vary depending on where you live. The best way to determine what coverages are available to you is to get a quote online or talk to a Hippo agent.

Hippo home insurance discounts

Hippo offers numerous ways for you to reduce your premium. And to help you achieve the best rate possible, Hippo calculates the discounts you qualify for during the online quote process.

Discounts include:

  • Early signing discount: If you purchase a Hippo home insurance policy at least eight days before it goes into effect, you might earn a discount.
  • HOA discount: If your home falls under the governance of an HOA, you may qualify for a discount on your home insurance policy. This is because HOA quality standards may make homes less susceptible to damage or theft.
  • New home discount: If your home is newly built or you have purchased your home within the last 12 months, you might save on your premium.
  • No mortgage discount:If you are mortgage-free, you may qualify for this discount on your home insurance.
  • Smart home discount: Hippo provides discounts for homes with smart devices such as smart alarm systems and smoke detectors. Hippo has partnered with Xfinity to offer even greater savings for its customers. Xfinity customers qualify for a special homeowners rate with Hippo and can earn discounts up to 25%, depending on the number of Xfinity smart home devices they install in their homes. If you qualify, Hippo may even send you a free smart home kit and give you a discount once it is activated.

Just like with the coverage options, available discounts may vary depending on where in the country you live.

Looking to save money on auto insurance?
Looking to save money on auto insurance?

Looking to save money on auto insurance?

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Where does Hippo offer home insurance?

Although Hippo is expanding its reach, the company does not currently offer home and condo insurance in every state. Currently, coverage is not available in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The availability of products, coverages and discounts may vary by state.

In June 2020, Hippo acquired Spinnaker Insurance Company, a nationwide property insurance company licensed in all 50 states. Although Spinnaker will continue to operate independently, the insurer will underwrite some of Hippo’s policies, enabling Hippo to expand its market.

Hippo and Metromile partnership

In May 2021, Hippo and Metromile announced a partnership to provide consumers with a bundling discount. Hippo exclusively sells home and condo insurance, while Metromile sells pay-per-mile auto insurance. By purchasing your home or condo coverage from Hippo and your auto coverage from Metromile, you may qualify for a discount of up to 15% on both policies.

Hippo ratings, reviews, customer satisfaction and complaints

Hippo’s insurance policies are underwritten by Canopius U.S. Insurance, Spinnaker Insurance Company and Topa Insurance Company. All three companies have earned an A- (Excellent) financial rating with AM Best.

Of over 2,000 reviews on its website, Hippo is rated 4.9 out of 5.0. Customers say the coverage is affordable, easy to obtain and that the customer service agents are responsive and helpful.

Who is Hippo Insurance a good option for

Hippo home insurance is a great choice for people who own a smart home and folks who operate a home office. Hippo allows you to obtain increased coverage for computers, home office equipment, technology and appliances, which could be helpful for customers living in upgraded homes. Hippo’s Xfinity partnership offers significant savings by providing reduced rates for Xfinity customers and discounts for expanded smart home systems.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I get a discount for smart home devices?

Insurance premiums are based on risk. Smart home devices may serve as an early warning system for dangerous situations, like smoke, fires, water damage and home invasions. The early warning could help you to mitigate the damage, meaning that the insurance company will have less damage to pay for during a claim. Because of the reduced risk, you may qualify for a discount.

How does Hippo handle insurance claims?

To file a claim with Hippo, you can call 855-999-9746 or email claims@hippo.com. Your case will be assigned to a Claims Concierge. This person will be your sole point of contact during the claim process, so you know exactly who to go to with questions and concerns. Your Claims Concierge will explain the claim process and let you know how to proceed at each step.

Does Hippo sell auto insurance?

No, Hippo only sells home and condo insurance. However, Hippo and Metromile recently paired up to offer their customers a bundling discount. If you purchase your home or condo insurance with Hippo and your auto insurance with Metromile, you may save money on both policies.

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