First, the good retirement planning news.

I’ve been reporting recently on trends in the apartment market. You’ll be happy to know that the apartment business is booming, in large part because people between age 18 and 30 — prime renting age — are finding jobs and moving out of their parents’ basements and into their own places.

Break out the Champagne.

Meanwhile, mom and dad are still struggling. About 65 percent of baby boomers age 60 and older believe that they can’t afford retirement, according to a new survey by, the online job advertising site. That’s down from 72 percent who said the same thing last year — an improvement, but still a big number.

To be fair, the survey found that finances aren’t the only reason boomers keep working.

  • 39 percent enjoy their jobs.
  • 36 percent like where they work.
  • 26 percent think retirement is likely to be boring.
  • 14 percent say they feel needed at work.

But the primary driver that keeps us lacing up our work boots is clearly financial. If it’s any comfort, says hiring is going to increase in 2011 with more than 50 percent of employers saying they are on better financial footing this year compared to last. If you are job hunting — or kicking your kid out the door with resume in hand —  here are the fields where employers say they are recruiting and plan to hire the most people:

  1. Sales, 27 percent.
  2. Information technology, 26 percent.
  3. Customer service, 25 percent.
  4. Engineering, 21 percent.
  5. Technology, 19 percent.
  6. Administrative, 17 percent.
  7. Business development, 17 percent.
  8. Marketing, 17 percent.
  9. Research-development, 15 percent.
  10. Accounting-finance, 14 percent.

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