Debt Management Basics    Understanding the fundamentals
Chapter 1: Understanding your debt
Are your bills keeping you up at night? Make a change by facing your debt head on. Read on.
Chapter 2: Using home equity to consolidate debt
Home equity loans can be a good way to organize your debts, and the interest is generally tax deductible. Read on.
Chapter 3: Reorganizing finances to zap debts
Explore all your assets to come up with a game plan for ending the uncomfortable debt spiral. Read on.
Chapter 4: When to seek professional debt help
Are you drowning in debt? Perhaps it’s time to call in the debt experts for some guidance. Read on.
Chapter 5: The bankruptcy option
Before you toss your debts in the bankruptcy ring, understand the ramifications. Read on.
  Ch 1: Understanding your debt
  Ch 2: Using home equity
  Ch 3: Reorganizing finances
  Ch 4: Seeking debt help
  Ch 5: Considering bankruptcy
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