American Express makes it simple to find unique luxury hotels all around the world through its curated travel site, Fine Hotels + Resorts (FHR).

Although this collection of properties is only available to select American Express cardholders, Fine Hotels + Resorts perks can be easy to overlook, given all the other travel-related benefits that come with premium Amex travel credit cards.

Booking your next hotel stay through Amex Fine Hotels + Resorts will add several great benefits to your stay that are worth learning more about. In this guide, we’ll walk through the details of the Fine Hotels + Resorts program and answer several of the most important questions about it.

What is American Express Fine Hotels + Resorts?

American Express Fine Hotels + Resorts is a luxury travel portal reserved for premium American Express cardholders. The program connects eligible members to over 1,000 properties around the world, including a mix of unique independent properties and well-known luxury brands like Fairmont, Four Seasons, Hyatt, IHG and Ritz-Carlton.

Making your hotel booking through American Express Fine Hotels + Resorts gives you the opportunity to access benefits and perks that aren’t available to the average customer. American Express is very selective with the properties it includes in Amex FHR — and equally selective in who has access to the program.

American Express credit cards with Fine Hotels + Resorts Access

If you own one of the following American Express credit cards, you have access to Fine Hotels + Resorts:

  • The Platinum Card® from American Express
  • The Business Platinum Card® from American Express
  • The American Express Corporate Platinum Card®*
  • The Centurion Card from American Express*

Other than offering access to Fine Hotels + Resorts, the Platinum Card from American Express features up to $200 in annual credits for prepaid hotel bookings at Fine Hotels + Resorts or The Hotel Collection properties when you book through American Express Travel. You’ll need to stay a minimum of two nights in order to utilize this perk.

The Business Platinum Card from American Express offers even greater benefits when it comes to Fine Hotels + Resorts. Cardholders can get up to $550 in statement credits or complimentary perks for booking with a Fine Hotels + Resorts property, plus up to $250 complimentary night or property credits (per eligible stay).

Benefits you get by booking through American Express Fine Hotels + Resorts

Amex FHR offers some great benefits and perks that will make your stay at one of its luxury properties even more enjoyable. Here’s what you can expect from a Fine Hotels + Resorts stay:

  • Complimentary breakfast for two every day
  • 12 p.m. check-in, when available
  • Guaranteed 4 p.m. checkout
  • Free room upgrade at check-in, when available
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • An experience credit worth $100 that’s unique to every property

American Express values these perks at $600 on average, giving you plenty of motivation to book your stay through Fine Hotels + Resorts.

Can you use Amex points to book Fine Hotels + Resorts rooms?

Yes, you can use Amex’s Pay with Points feature to cover some or all of the cost of your stay. Simply make your purchase through American Express Travel using one of the four eligible American Express cards.

The points value will appear as a credit on your statement to cover the cost of your hotel. If you don’t have enough Membership Rewards points to cover the full cost, you’ll simply pay the remaining balance on your next card statement. Membership Rewards points are worth $10 per 1,000 points, and you need at least 5,000 points to begin the redemption process.

Is booking through Amex Fine Hotels + Resorts worth it?

Booking your hotel stay through American Express Fine Hotels + Resorts can be a great opportunity, especially if you value premium travel perks.

Of course, you’ll want to compare prices before you book — especially if you’re considering booking through Fine Hotels + Resorts versus booking directly with the hotel. Keep in mind that the benefits associated with Amex Fine Hotels + Resorts may overcome many of the price differences you might find, whether you’re enjoying the complimentary breakfast for two or taking advantage of your 4 p.m. checkout.

Plus, you might be able to use your Membership Rewards points to cover part of your stay — or take advantage of Fine Hotels + Resorts credits offered by the Platinum and Business Platinum.

The bottom line

American Express Fine Hotels + Resorts offers some pretty great benefits for people who enjoy staying in unique and luxurious properties around the world. If you don’t already have high-level elite status with a hotel, FHR could help you access similar elite-level perks.

While access to Fine Hotels + Resorts probably isn’t at the top of your list of reasons to get the Platinum Card or Business Platinum card, it makes an excellent — and often overlooked — bonus to pair with the other benefits and rewards that come with American Express’s top travel credit cards. For some people, it might even make the Amex Platinum annual fee worth it.

*The information about The American Express Corporate Platinum Card® and The Centurion Card from American Express has been collected independently by The card details have not been reviewed or approved by the card issuer.