Paying off debt on a high interest rate credit card can sometimes seem like you’re swimming against the current — you end up mostly paying off the interest each month just to keep the card. The easiest way to start paying off more debt is to try to lower the interest rate.

Make some upgrades to your credit

A strong credit score usually brings a decent interest rate right to your front door. Even if your score is lacking, you can still start to improve it. The quickest way is to ask your lender for a higher credit limit. A low balance with high credit availability can improve your score. As long as you’re disciplined enough not to use the extra credit, you should be good to go. Make sure you’re also paying your bills on time and maintaining a steady credit history.

Transfer the balance

Consolidating your credit cards to a card with a lower interest rate can be worth it on occasion. By finding a credit card interest rate that is significantly lower than your other cards, you can consolidate your bills into one low monthly payment. Use Bankrate’s credit card finder to locate a low interest rate in your area of the country.

Call your provider

It’s simple, but sometimes just calling your provider and asking for a better credit card interest rate can work. Keep in mind that it will also take a look at your credit report. So if you’ve missed payments it might lower your credit limit instead of giving you a better rate.

Don’t fall prey to interest rate payments. Check out Bankrate’s complete catalog on credit card APR advice and learn how to finance your next purchase with a zero-percent introductory rate.