MoneyPass is a network of approximately 40,000 ATMs across the country. The network is currently one of the largest fee-free networks in the nation, with more than 2,000 institutions and over 160 million cardholders being part of the network.

Banks both large and small can enroll in the network to provide customers with wider access to their cash by expanding their ATM locations with MoneyPass. Online-only banks especially benefit as they typically have a limited physical presence. Often, these networks may be the sole way an online-only bank can provide customers with fee-free access to their money.

Here’s how you can find a MoneyPass ATM near you.

Is my bank part of the MoneyPass Network?

Your bank’s website may have a page dedicated to its ATM service, and you should be able to find information about the bank’s ATM network there. Moreover, your bank may feature an ATM locator, which usually states which ATM networks the bank participates in. (If you can’t find it on its website, you may need to contact your bank by calling or visiting a branch to find out.)

A good example of this is US Bank’s ATM page, which includes an ATM locator and provides relevant information about its ATM service directly on that page.

How do I find a MoneyPass ATM?

There are two primary ways.

Your bank’s website may have an ATM locator that will list in-network locations, including ATMs that your bank operates and those within the MoneyPass (or Allpoint) network, if your bank is a member. In-network locations give you fee-free access to your cash.

Capital One’s ATM locator is a good example of this, listing nearby ATMs in addition to what kind of banking activities you can do at each location. Moreover, Capital One will let you know which ATM network — MoneyPass or Allpoint — each ATM location participates in.

The other way to find a MoneyPass ATM is by heading to MoneyPass’s website. You can input your ZIP code on the front page, and a list of locations near you will come up. This ATM locator will let you filter by certain criteria, and it’ll provide details of each location, including hours of operation and handicap accessibility.