Chapter 1: Getting started
Before you go car shopping, do your homework. Know what you want and how you plan to pay for it. Then put on your happy shoes and go shopping! Read on.
Chapter 2: Shop till you drop
From auto dealers to auto brokers to the Web, here’s what you’ll need to know for tracking down the best vehicle at the best price. Read on.
Chapter 3: The buying experience
You know your budget and did your shopping. Now it’s time to bargain with the seller. Read on.
Chapter 4: The leasing experience
Leasing a vehicle makes sound financial sense in certain situations and for certain people. For others it’s a money trap. Read on.
Chapter 5: Financing the deal
Get a grip on the financing process as we help you shop for a loan and spell out many key questions you should ask before signing on the dotted line. Read on.
Chapter 6: Insuring your vehicle
Buying a new car, or a substantially different one than the one you now own, will mean a change in your insurance costs. Read on.