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Lance Davis

  • Personal finance
  • Retirement saving tips
  • Consumer banking
  • Bachelor's degree in journalism, Auburn University

Lance Davis is the Vice President of Content for Bankrate, overseeing content for mortgages, deposits, investing, loans, insurance and credit cards. Lance leads a team of more than 60 editors, reporters and publishers who are passionate about creating content that helps readers make smarter financial decisions.

Lance started at Bankrate as a copy editor in 2013, where he learned the finer points of personal finance while reading almost every article before it was published. In this role, Lance saw how small moves today can have a big impact on your financial future. He developed a passion for sharing these lessons to help others budget their money, buy a house, save for retirement and more. Lance also gets involved with fun projects like hosting Bankrate’s webinars with Greg McBride and publishing the inaugural Bankrate Awards.

When he’s not reading Bankrate articles or playing around on the retirement calculator, Lance enjoys following sports, going on runs and reading books. He dreams of being able to retire early and buy a home on a beach where the temperature rarely falls south of 60.

Lance earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism from Auburn University in 2013.

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Small moves today can have a big impact on your financial future.

— Lance Davis

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