Once you’ve stocked up on Halloween treats and all things pumpkin spice, you might want to give your wallet some time to breathe. There’s nothing wrong with getting a head start on your holiday shopping, but buying certain items in October may not make sense.

Timing is everything, so think carefully about what belongs on your shopping list. To help you decide what to buy this month, here are some products to pass on until better deals become available in the coming months.

Electronics, TVs and laptops

Back-to-school sales have come and gone, and the start of the holiday season is about a month away. So the best deals on electronics just aren’t available right now.

You may find a few discounts on Columbus Day weekend. But if you can hold off on shopping for a few weeks, you’re bound to find lower prices during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Keep your eyes on retailers like Walmart, Target and Best Buy for updates about the best deals on televisions, smart devices and headphones.


Jewelry is the classic holiday gift for couples everywhere, so department stores are gearing up for a busy season. Now may seem like a good time to start checking out princess cut diamonds and sterling silver hoops. But you’ll likely see better deals as the holiday season gets closer.

Try doing some window shopping this month and keep tabs on the pieces you like. They’ll likely become more affordable within the next couple of months.

New iPhones

While there are some BOGO deals tied to previous generation iPhones and Android phones, you’ll have to be patient if you want a discount on the new iPhone XS or XS Max.

Based on last year’s Black Friday deals, postponing your trip to the mall for one of the latest iPhones could save you up to $300 in rebates and cash-back offers. So if your contract is up, you’re ready to upgrade or you’re looking to switch carriers, you could end up getting a discount just by waiting a few weeks.

New cars

Dealerships often want to get rid of their older models before the newest cars arrive in the fall. That means you can score a great deal on 2018 models in October, even if you missed the late summer and Labor Day sales.

On the other hand, if you’re hoping to snag the latest version of your favorite car, it’s best to start shopping around during the holiday season. There’s usually room to negotiate when you’re purchasing a car, and the newest models tend to go on sale near the end of the year. Waiting until late December to visit the dealership could potentially pay off big time.


A new appliance is another good item to hold off on buying until the end of the year. You may find some refrigerators on sale near Columbus Day, but the deals will pale in comparison to the ones you’ll find in November.

By the time Black Friday rolls around, major appliances from retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot are often 40 percent off. So unless an emergency arises, it’s best to delay the purchase of any large appliances for a few more weeks.

Holiday decorations

It’s only October, but some craft stores and big-box retailers have probably already started setting up holiday displays. While it’s tempting to start shopping for ornaments and garlands right now, consider waiting until later in the season.

If you didn’t take advantage of any post-holiday markdowns last year, look out for Black Friday sales and door-busters throughout December. Once this year’s holiday season passes, stock up on trimmings for next year and make the most of steep discounts. While you’re at it, consider using a cash-back credit card for even more savings.

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