Do not buy these items in May

Hurray for May! The month means springtime, short getaways (or maybe a long one, depending on what you’re doing for Memorial Day) and cookouts. May will see tons of sales, too, but some items definitely should be avoided when you hit up the malls, big-box stores and online retailers. If you wait until June or beyond, you’ll be rewarded with better prices.

Here’s what not to shop for this month. And, for the things you do end up buying, check out your best credit card options.

Summer clothes
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Summer apparel

As springtime nears its end and Memorial Day approaches, store displays will tempt you to buy short shorts, swimsuits, American flag tank tops and other summer apparel. See if you can get by with the summer clothing already in your closet until August and September, when stores will want to get rid of this year’s stuff and will put it on sale.

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Back-to-school sales start as early as June and will include deals on new laptops and other electronics, according to DealNews.

Hold out on replacing your circa 2015 Mac or PC until summer, when you’re more likely to see retailers offering reduced prices.

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Barbecue grills

Retailers who know you might be in the market for a new swimsuit as summer approaches also know you may want to replace that past-its-prime grill on your patio. But see if you can get a few more cookouts out of it. Stores will offer grills at clearance prices by Labor Day weekend, so hold out for those deals and and look forward to great grilling in late summer and in 2018.

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Flower sellers know you’re celebrating Mom this month, so expect to find blooms at high prices, says DealNews. Instead of caving for the rather obvious Mother’s Day gift of flowers, go for something nontraditional instead. Why not make your mother a photo album? Cook her dinner? Polish her shoes? The possibilities are endless.

Now that you know what to avoid buying in May, take a look at the month’s best bargains.