5 ways to stay safe when selling online

5 min read

We’ve all heard news stories of Craigslist meetings gone awry, from losing money through fraud or robberies to a meet-up resulting in assault — or worse. We’ve heard stories of eBay buyers claiming their items never came or arrived damaged. Skip McGrath, author of “Complete Idiot’s Guide to eBay,” says chances are slim that anything bad will happen to you. “You might sell 1,000 things on Craigslist and never have anything happen,” he says. Even still, he takes extra precautions to make sure he’s safe.

Physical danger isn’t an issue with eBay sales, but fraud is. “Make sure that whatever you sell on eBay is described accurately, says Aaron LaPedis, author of “The Garage Sale Millionaire.”

“You are handcuffed to the eBay rating system,” he says. “If people say you’re selling bad stuff, your rating goes down and people won’t do business with you.”

Before buying and selling anything online, take these precautions to keep you, and your wallet, from being assaulted.