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Bankrate basics

Bankrate basics

The smart stuff

Breaking down the basics

Spoiler alert: You need to learn about money if you want to make it work for you. But where should you start? Introducing Bankrate Basics—courses designed to give you the essentials of important money topics in a fast and fun way.

In less time than it takes to watch your favorite reality TV series, you can learn all about investing, student loans, homebuying and more! We can't promise any table-flipping drama, but we can promise some solid lessons packed with actionable tips.

Grab some popcorn (or a pencil!) and get ready to learn. We're going back to the basics.

Learn more about debt management


Find a calculator

Calculate everything from credit card interest to debt pay-down

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Access debt management tools

Get the help you need to manage your debt, all in one place

Make a plan

Keep learning

Learn the ins and outs of debt consolidation and explore your options

Learn more about investing


Calculate your earnings

See how much you can expect your investments to grow over time
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Keep exploring

Explore all our investing tools and resources


Explore top brokers

Read our reviews of the best online brokers

Learn more about retirement

Resource hub

Keep learning

Get the latest info on all things retirement, plus tools and tips

Find your plan

Calculate your retirement savings and see if you're on track


Find a retirement spot

Read our analysis of the best—and worst—states to retire

Learn more about student loans


Compare student
loan rates

See top offers from lenders and find one that works for you and your budget

Read more about student loans

Learn strategies for managing your payments


Find your repayment strategy

Calculate your monthly payments, explore repayment strategies, and see how much interest you'll pay

Learn more about home refinance

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Explore refinance resources

See our top tools and articles to help your refi

Compare refinance rates

View rates from top lenders and request free quotes online


Calculate your refi

See if refinancing makes sense for your unique situation