Are you a homeowner shopping for an electric fence? It’s critical to understand that there are two main types of electric fence products, which can easily be confused.

An electrified fence is a type of above-ground fencing that encloses an area to keep livestock contained or for security measures, and delivers a painful, occasionally lethal jolt of electricity to all that touch it. The other type is a so-called “invisible fence,” paired with a collar worn by your pet.

How much does an electrified fence for above ground use cost?

An electric, above-ground fence will vary significantly in size and function. Both factors impact pricing. Generally, a homeowner can expect the cost of an electric fence to be between $900 and $1,300 for installation, which she might want to add to her construction budget.

This does not include the actual fencing materials or system used. Most of these fences will include a transmitter, receiver, and wires that transmit the energy. It is advised for the property owner to hire a professional rather than attempt the installation herself.

Other estimates price an electric fence itself between $180 to $232 per 64 linear feet. This estimate includes the materials but not the cost of labor. Individuals will need to determine the fencing layout to calculate the actual cost. Other key factors include:

  • Labor to plan and install the electric lines and concrete posts
  • The cost of additional supplies including the fencing itself, poles, support systems and connectors
  • Costs related to permits to meet city requirements
  • Electrical panel upgrades or sourcing to meet the needs of the new system

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How much does an invisible fence cost?

Another common type of electric fence is a system of hidden transmitters, which sends a signal to a receiver on the pet’s collar when it approaches the boundary of the property. The receiver makes a sharp, scary tremor that redirects the pet back to the home without hurting it. This is called an invisible fence.

Your costs are determined by the type of invisible fence you choose. One option is the wired fence, which uses wires embedded in the ground to create a perimeter. The other option is to create a boundary by broadcasting a wireless perimeter, similar to the Wi-Fi range on your home router. When the pet goes outside the range, the signal is transmitted to the collar. Both systems cost between $130 and $260 for a full package of material, and you generally don’t need to shell out for a professional to install it.

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The final word

When it comes to the cost of an electric fence or an invisible fence, remember that pricing is affected by the area of the property and from one type of fencing system to the next. To determine your costs, map out the boundary you would like covered. From there, you can price options for any type of fence based on the linear length of the fencing necessary and degree of professional help you’ll need to get it set up.