The Best Hartford Home Insurance Companies of 2021

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Two out of three people in the state of Connecticut own their homes. That’s great news for their ability to build equity — but it’s not-so-great news when something goes wrong at home. Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a fire, theft or a bad interaction with a litigation-leaning neighbor, your home insurance coverage can step in. Thank goodness.

That is, provided you have a policy in place. If you’re currently uninsured, shop for a policy that protects you against:

  • Wind damage
  • Theft
  • Fire damage
  • Liability
  • Water damage

Also, get enough personal property coverage to replace everything you own if it gets damaged during a covered event. We’ll get into more details about the specifics of what your policy can do for you in a minute. 

Let’s talk about your coverage options in terms of homeowners insurance companies.

The best home insurance in companies in Hartford

We did extensive research to bring you the best Hartford homeowners insurance companies. We considered the cost of their policies alongside their J.D. Power Ranking for customer satisfaction, their AM Best rating and whether they were approved by the State of Connecticut Insurance Department. Taking all of that into account, here are our top picks:

  • Allstate: Allstate earns good ratings and has a comprehensive, informative website so people can find out what they need to know before committing to a plan. Allstate offers a wide range of coverage options and discounts. This company also offers other types of insurance, including homeowners, renters, business, landlord, motorcycle, pet and event policies.
  • Liberty Mutual: Liberty Mutual is the largest insurance provider in Connecticut, and it makes getting an online quote easy. It also offers homeowners, renters, motorcycle, boat, flood, umbrella, life, accident, critical illness, pet and identify theft insurance policies. 
  • Metlife: Metlife has competitive pricing and other insurance policy options such as dental, disability, life and vision.
  • State Farm: State Farm has solid ratings across the board and has an easy-to-use website. The variety of discounts can also help people save money on premiums. State Farm also offers car, boat, motorcycle, business and umbrella insurance. 
Company J.D. Power Ranking AM Best Rating State-Approved? BBB Rating
State Farm 4 out of 5 A Yes A
Allstate 3 out of 5 A+ Yes A+
Liberty Mutual 2 out of 5 A Yes A
MetLife 2 out of 5 A+ Yes Not rated


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The average homeowners insurance cost in Hartford

Connecticut homeowners have to be ready to pay for their coverage. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), Connecticut ranks eighth in the country for the highest average annual home insurance premiums. Across the state, the average annual cost is $1,455. That’s thanks, in part, to Connecticut’s exposure to hurricanes. 

But don’t worry. Hartford falls a little below that average. The Zebra reports that in West Hartford, the average annual premium is $1,123.66, while in East Hartford, it’s $1,141.82. 

We ran a test to confirm those rates. We used a $140,000 home in the Sheldon-Charter Oak neighborhood and asked for $300,000 in liability coverage. Using some basic demographic info, Liberty Mutual gave us a quote for $130 a month ($1,560 a year) without discounts. The quote was $80 a month ($960 a year) with discounts for a lack of a claim for the last few years and being new home buyers. 

Assuming you’d fall somewhere in the middle of that range, it seems accurate to guess you’re looking at $1,100 to $1,300 a year to cover this type of home. 

Here’s a quick table (pulling rates from The Zebra) so you can compare Hartford homeowners insurance costs to policies in other cities.

City Average annual premium
West Hartford, CT $1,123.66
East Hartford, CT $1,141.82
Torrington, CT $1,117.50
Bristol, CT $1,129.00
Manchester, CT $1,135.67
Chicopee, MA $994.49
Harrisville, RI $1,233.50
Harmony, RI $1,242.44

While you might pay more to insure your home in Hartford than your friends in Massachusetts who are further inland (and consequently better protected during hurricane season), you can be glad that you’ll be paying less than people who live right along the coast. 

Home insurance coverage options in Hartford

Now that you know who to look to for home insurance and how much you can expect to pay, let’s talk about what your homeowners insurance policy should include. Here are some types of coverage you should look for.

Your dwelling

Dwelling coverage protects your house itself, ensuring you’re able to repair or rebuild as needed after a fire, hurricane or another covered disaster. If you have a detached garage or another unattached structure on your property that you want to protect, talk to your insurance provider to make sure it’s covered. 

With homeowners insurance coverage in place to protect your Hartford, Connecticut, home, you’re safeguarded against a wide range of unexpected expenses in the event of a natural disaster. This is also called hazard insurance. Most Hartford homeowners insurance policies will help you pay for damage to your home if you experience:

  • Fire
  • Lightning 
  • Hail
  • Hurricane 

Note that standard policies don’t include flood coverage, so you may want a separate flood policy.

Your belongings

Additionally, your home policy can protect the stuff you store inside your house provided you get enough personal property coverage. This portion of your policy protects you against any covered disaster like the ones we talked about above. This insurance also helps you replace your property if a thief steals it. 

If you have expensive items like art or jewelry, talk to your insurer. You might need a rider, or a specific section added to your policy to protect those high-dollar items. 

Your liability

Your home insurance policy should also offer liability coverage. That means your policy can help you cover legal fees if you’re held liable for a pretty broad range of issues, like a neighbor slipping and falling on your porch or your dog biting someone. 

Common causes of home insurance losses in Hartford

Still not convinced you need to put a policy in place? Check out the leading reasons people are glad they bought coverage — plus how much they saved thanks to their policy. In the Hartford area, Allstate reports that the most common causes of home insurance claims are:

  • Water damage (with an average claim of $5,885)
  • Wind (with an average claim of $6,227)
  • Theft/burglary (with an average claim of $2,569)

While wind is a leading cause of claims, it’s fortunate for Hartford homeowners that the city is located far enough inland that hurricanes usually aren’t a serious concern. Although you may still need to batten down the hatches, you won’t have to worry about insurers being unwilling to cover your home because of your heightened hurricane risk. 

Frequently asked questions

What’s the cheapest homeowners insurance in Hartford?

How much you pay for your home insurance depends on several factors, from the value of your house to the safety of your neighborhood to your credit score. The best way to make sure you’re getting the most affordable policy possible is to get quotes from at least a few insurance providers. 

How do I get homeowners insurance in Hartford?

Good news! Every insurance provider we highlighted above will let you start the quote process on their website. With a few clicks, you’ll be well on your way toward getting your quote — and your policy. 

How much home insurance do I need?

You want to make sure you have enough coverage to protect you in the event of a major disaster, but the more coverage you buy, the more you’ll pay. A lot of insurers offer a home insurance calculator (here’s Liberty Mutual’s, for example) that you can use to get an idea of how much protection you need. Talking to a local agent is the best way to make sure you have the coverage you need without paying for more than is necessary. 

Hartford homeowners, don’t leave yourselves exposed. Use this guide to help you find the best Hartford homeowners insurance to protect your house and everything in it.