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    The top blogs of the day on every channel at Bankrate.

  • Banking blog:
    News and commentary on banking, accounts and keeping your money safe.

  • Cars blog:
    Follow the latest news and commentary about cars, car loans and insurance.

  • CD rates blog:
    Read about the latest CD investing news and the best options for your money.

  • Credit card blog:
    News and advice about credit cards, debit cards and credit scores.

  • Economics blog:
    Read about the latest economic news and what’s going on in finance.

  • Federal Reserve blog:
    Keeping up with the Federal Reserve, Fed monetary policy and interest rates.

  • Insurance blog:
    News and commentary about all types of insurance — car, health, homeowners, life and more.

  • Investing blog:
    Investing in CDs? Keep up with the latest news about certificates of deposit and CD rates.

  • Mobile finance blog:
    News and app reviews to help you save money and manage your finances effectively from your mobile phone or tablet.

  • Mortgages blog:
    News and commentary about home mortgage loans, refinancing and government programs.

  • Rates blog:
    Keep up with the latest rates for CDs, money market accounts and more.

  • Retirement blog:
    Commentary on investing, retirement planning and health issues.

  • Saving money blog:
    The place for tips on saving money, budgeting and frugal fun.

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    The latest news and opinion on income taxes, federal and state tax laws.

  • Wealth blog:
    News and commentary on accumulating, spending and protecting money.

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More About RSS

Tired of all that laborious clicking and loading of pages just to read a few headlines? RSS, short for Really Simple Syndication, can save you the hassle of visiting 10 different Web sites by putting almost everything you’re looking for into one convenient space, like a custom-made newspaper, called a feed reader or news aggregator.

A feed reader collects and presents all of the feeds you subscribe to. To begin culling headlines from all of your favorite blogs or media sources, you first need to download a reader or find a Web-based reader that you like, such as MyYahoo, MyAOL, MyGoogle, or MyMSN. Here are some of the more popular feed readers of both types.

Next, you’ll identify the feeds you want. RSS feeds are XML files that generally contain a headline, a short description and a link to the entire story, which will open in your reader.

Most blogs and major media sources with regularly updated stories support RSS. Subscribing to feeds is free, you just find the feed page, decide which content you’d like and then copy the feed URL into your feed reader. After that, whenever you’re online your feed reader will scan for updated content and bring you the information you’ve signed up for.

At you can subscribe to a number of different feeds and get award-winning personal finance news and rates delivered to you everyday. Pick the ones that interest you and copy the URL into your aggregator. When that feed is updated, your reader will find and deliver it, then alert you. Read it right away or wait, it won’t go anywhere.

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These are some popular feed readers:

Desktop based — downloadable applications:

These are just a few, there are plenty more. You can also receive RSS feeds through e-mail programs or on your phone or BlackBerry.