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If you’re at or near retirement, you may find that a part-time or occasional job would make a big difference to your budget. Fortunately, there are lots of part-time job opportunities that let you earn cash while still enjoying your retirement. I’m Claes Bell with the Bankrate.com personal finance minute.

Consulting or freelancing in the industry they used to work full-time in is a great option for retired workers, since many companies are in need of temporary workers willing to work on a project and move on after it’s done.

Working part-time for a previous employer is another option. It’s often a win-win for workers and employers; workers get the free time they’re looking for and employers get access to retiree’s knowledge and experience without having to pay a full salary.

Uncle Sam may also be a good employer for retirees. Federal, state and local government agencies are less likely to discriminate based on age, and they offer many seasonal and part-time jobs.

Lastly, teaching, tutoring and substitute teaching can be good ways for seniors to make a little extra money. The credentials you earned during your working years can qualify you to teach a class at your local community college, cover for sick teachers at an elementary school or help struggling students after school.

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