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Financially preparing for travel

Excited for your next vacation but not sure where to start? Here you’ll find tips and insights for how to boost your savings for travel, maximize points and miles, simplify the booking process and more.

How to get your travel finances in order

Saving for travel

How to budget and save for a weekend getaway

Want to take a weekend getaway this summer? Here’s how you can manage your money to make that trip a reality.


Average cost of flying in the U.S.

Here’s how much you can expect to spend on domestic air travel, plus a few tips for trimming your costs.


7 best travel budget apps for your next vacation

Seven travel apps that will help you plan travel, track your budget, coordinate with a group and split expenses.

Credit cards

Are travel cards worth it?

Travel credit cards offer valuable benefits and can help offset travel costs, even with an annual fee. Here s how to decide if they re right for you.

Exclusive travel insights from Bankrate

“Travel demand is even higher this year, and with the travel industry struggling to keep up, high prices aren’t likely to be the only problem.”

– Ted Rossman

77% of holiday travelers are changing their plans due to inflation, including driving over flying, taking fewer trips and choosing less-expensive destinations

A new Bankrate survey reveals that, despite strong demand, inflation and high prices will impact the way consumers plan their holiday travels.
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Travel roundup

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