For fans of Southwest Airlines, the Southwest Rapid Rewards program is a free—and easy—way to earn points and miles to redeem toward your next flight or vacation.

While there are several ways to earn points through the Rapid Rewards program, one of the easiest ways to earn is through the Southwest Rapid Rewards shopping portal. This portal allows you to make purchases and rack up points, all from the comfort of your couch.

What is the Southwest Rapid Rewards portal?

The Southwest Rapid Rewards program is a free loyalty program that allows you to earn rewards for redemption toward airline travel, hotel stays, spa experiences and much, much more.

The Rapid Rewards Dining program and the online shopping portal are two examples of how you can earn points for doing something besides flying. The Southwest Rapid Rewards portal, for instance, is an online shop allowing you to turn your everyday purchases into opportunities to add to your rewards earnings.

How do I value Southwest points?

How many Southwest points you earn varies depending on what you buy. When all is said and done, your points are worth around 1.5 cents each when redeemed for flights, according to Bankrate’s latest valuation.

How to use the Southwest Rapid Rewards portal

Using the Southwest shopping portal is very simple. You will use the same Rapid Rewards account number and password you’ve set up, or you can easily sign up for the Rapid Rewards program from this page if you haven’t already.

a screenshot of the Rapid Rewards login page

You can browse the online portal without logging in, but to make any purchases, you’ll need to sign in.  If you scroll to the bottom of the login page on the portal, you’ll notice the Terms and Conditions, along with other useful information about Southwest Airlines.

Look for offers by searching for a specific company in the search box. You can also scroll to see the more popular offers and select from there. Once you find an offer you like, click “shop this offer.” Don’t forget to check out the monthly bonus offers while you’re browsing.

a screenshot of a Rapid Rewards shopping offer

It takes about 15 days for the points you earned while shopping online with Southwest to show up in your account.

Why use the Southwest Rapid Rewards portal for shopping?

Chances are you’re shopping online anyway, so why not get rewarded for purchases you already plan to make? By earning points through the Southwest store, you can earn rewards toward your next flight.

The Southwest shopping portal also includes special promotions throughout the year, so you can earn discounts such as free shipping on your purchases—all while earning points.

Using the shopping portal is a fantastic way to continue to earn frequent flyer miles to use for future travel and vacations.

What offers are available on the Rapid Rewards portal?

The Rapid Rewards shopping portal features all kinds of offers from participating merchants, varying from 1 point to 5 points or more for every dollar you spend through the portal.

Other offers may give you a flat amount of points, no matter how much you spend. Offers change quite frequently, so it’s worth your time to monitor which companies are included.

In addition to points offers, participating merchants often run their own specials through the Southwest shopping portal. For instance, you may find deals like an extra 30 percent off or free shipping that aren’t available directly from the merchant’s website.

How to maximize the Southwest Rapid Rewards portal

One of the biggest benefits of using the Southwest Rapid portal for shopping is your ability to maximize your earnings.

For instance, let’s say you purchase your dog food for $40 through the online portal and earn 5 points per dollar spent with a participating pet supply company, You would automatically earn 200 points just for the initial offer. This doesn’t even include additional monthly promotions the Southwest shopping portal may include, such as 2,000 extra points if you spend $550 overall through the portal.

Here’s the best part—if you have a Southwest credit card, such as the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card, you can earn points by using your card and through the portal.

Final thoughts

The Southwest Rapids Rewards shopping portal makes it simple to complete your online shopping, earn points for future travel and take advantage of discounts and exclusive shopping offers—all without ever leaving your house.

If you use the portal frequently and purchase your items with a Southwest-branded card, you should build up enough points for your next vacation in no time at all.