Looking for an engaging and enriching summer course to keep the kids busy this summer? Well, you’re in luck because the St. Louis Federal Reserve is offering a free Personal Finance Virtual Summer Camp now through August 14.

It may not be that summer camp or sports league your little one was looking forward to, but we can say that these lessons are especially valuable and applicable to the world we’re living in now. (At its most recent June meeting, the Fed signaled that near-zero rates were likely here to stay through at least 2022.)

What to expect at personal finance camp

Through this week-long program, kids will learn important personal finance lessons such as how money works, how to evaluate everyday decisions and how debit and credit cards work through videos, Q&A’s and online modules.

This program is completely free and available via Google Classroom now through August 14, 2020. To enroll, head to www.econlowdown.org/student and login with a Google account. You will then be prompted to enter a classroom code for the course of your choosing:

  • Elementary School Virtual Summer Camp, enter the classroom code WMTJhNu
  • Middle School Virtual Summer Camp, enter the classroom code wsATScu

At the end of the program, students will earn a badge to signify their completion of the course.

While the camp is designed for young learners, it’s not exclusive to kids, so if you want to put your personal finance knowledge to the test then you are more than welcome to and you may even learn something new. (Here are some tips to help teach your kids good financial habits.)

Bottom line

This is a great opportunity for kids to learn important and foundational personal finance lessons. It may even help them understand a bit of the craziness that’s happening right now. Plus, it will give mom and dad a much needed break from their newly acquired teaching duties.

Featured image by mustafagull of Getty Images.

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