Personal finance influencers can inspire, empower and encourage millions of people around the world to take control of their finances.

Bankrate highlighted a few social media influencers and other content creators as part of its inaugural Social Honors awards to help amplify the voices speaking about money in a new way. In conjunction with those awards, we’ve picked 12 of the top personal finance influencers you should follow in 2022.

1. Delyanne Barros, @DelyanneTheMoneyCoach

Delyanne Barros is a former employment attorney turned self-made millionaire who’s on a mission to teach investors how to “Slay the Stock Market.”

It wasn’t until Barros was 37 years old that she discovered the power of long-term investing, and while she often expresses how she wished she had started sooner, she also emphasizes that it’s never too late.

Barros is a part of the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement and now expects to retire by age 45. She credits her success to being consistent with her investing goals and authentically documents her journey along with actionable tips on her social channels.

Bankrate named Delyanne Barros 2022’s Best Personal Finance Influencer as part of our inaugural Social Honors awards.

2. Dasha Kennedy, @TheBrokeBlackGirl

Dasha Kennedy is a financial activist who is committed to helping women be their own financial advocates. For her, that means showing women how they can become financially independent.

It was her own past financial struggles that inspired her to share her journey, and through them, she was able to help thousands of other women get their finances back on track.

When you visit Kennedy’s social media accounts, you won’t find the traditional advice. Instead, you’ll get much more realistic and relatable advice based on her personal experience. For instance, common conversations on her feed include how to establish financial boundaries, how to talk about money with kids and how to build good financial habits.

Bankrate named Dasha Kennedy 2022’s Best Financial Activist Account as part of our inaugural Social Honors awards.

3. Humphrey Yang, @HumphreyTalks

Humphrey Yang is a personal finance video creator who has a knack for breaking down complex topics, like taxes and investing, in a way that makes it easy for anyone to understand.

When you visit Yang’s social channels, you’ll find that his content is strictly educational, and he focuses on explaining financial concepts that you may not know much about in a way that’s both digestible but also entertaining.

4. Parii Bafna, @PariiBafna

  • Follow Bafna on TikTok and YouTube
  • Areas of expertise: Personal finance

Parii Bafna considers herself an information synthesizer and curator who hopes that her content leaves followers feeling both educated and entertained.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Bafna was a senior in high school and like many of us, she found herself down an internet rabbit hole. Her focus: financial education.

She realized that most of what we’re taught pushes consumers to make decisions that primarily benefit large corporations. Since then, Bafna has committed to learning and researching, and is dedicated to sharing what she’s discovered with others primarily through TikTok.

5. Haley Sacks, @MrsDowJones

Haley Sacks is a self-proclaimed “financial pop star” who uses her financial expertise and pulse on pop culture to help teach people how to take control of their finances.

Whether it’s comparing a Roth IRA to a boyfriend or using a trending meme to describe the stock market, it’s safe to say that if you thought personal finance was boring, Sacks will make you think otherwise. Better yet, her shareable content will help you start the money conversation with friends and make you giggle, too.

6. Jeremy Schneider, @PersonalFinanceClub

Jeremy Schneider, the founder of @PersonalFinanceClub, is a pro at demystifying investing.

Schneider is like the kid in class who always had the best notes.

If you’re looking to boost your grade in Investing 101, then Schneider is your guy, thanks to his easily digestible infographics. Not only will these infographics help you understand the value of investing, they’ll also show you how and where to get started.

7. Berna, @HeyBerna

Berna is a self-proclaimed financial hype woman who hopes to make everyone — regardless of background — feel like they belong in the wider conversation of money.

After noticing that the personal finance community wasn’t very representative of people like her, she decided to be that person for others.

Berna does a fantastic job of breaking down complex topics in a way that’s easy to understand and relatable. She is also the host of the podcast Money Please, where she examines important financial topics with expert guests.

8. Jose Rafael Hernandez, @TheJoseRafaelHernandez

  • Follow Hernandez on Instagram
  • Areas of expertise: Investing

Jose Rafael Hernandez is a former wealth management turned financial educator and consultant whose content focuses on teaching his followers how to build a strong financial foundation and start investing.

Hernandez grew up as an immigrant in a low-income household, so when he was surrounded by wealthy people as a financial advisor as a young adult, it opened his eyes to the importance of a proper financial education and the opportunities it can provide.

It was ultimately this experience that inspired Hernandez to launch his own brand on social media and start a financial education company.

9. John Eringman, @JohnEFinance

John Eringman is a personal finance creator whose goal is to provide his followers with the knowledge and resources to make more informed financial decisions.

Eringman majored in finance in college where he learned about accounting and corporate finance, but never learned anything about important wealth building topics like investing, budgeting or how to save for retirement, which is what ultimately inspired Eringman to dive deeper into these topics and share his knowledge with others.

While everyone has a different starting point, Eringman hopes that his content shows others that anyone can reach financial independence.

10. Anjie and RJ Muhammad, @RichByIntention

  • Follow the Muhammads on Instagram
  • Areas of expertise: Wealth building as a couple

Anjie and RJ Muhammad are money experts whose content aims to teach people how to build wealth.

Before the couple got married, they knew that fights about money were one of the leading causes of divorce. That didn’t sit well with them. They didn’t want their finances to be a burden on their marriage, so they decided to take action.

Together, the Muhammads paid off $123,000 of student loan debt and are now helping others accomplish their financial goals so finances aren’t a stress on their relationships either.

11. @ForBetterOrWorth

  • Follow @ForBetterWorth on Instagram
  • Areas of expertise: Investing and building generational wealth

A personal finance content creator, the person behind @ForBetterWorth goes simply by “C.” His content primarily focuses on investing and building generational wealth by documenting his family’s journey.

When scrolling through @ForBetterOrWorth’s page, you’ll find a mix of memes, personal stories and net worth progress updates. By sharing his personal experiences, he shows followers the steps his family has taken to become debt-free millionaires and how they’re building generational wealth.

12. Steve, @CallToLeap

Steve is a former math teacher whose own financial struggles led him to become a wealth coach.

Steve’s goal is to help his followers reach financial freedom by empowering them to raise their financial literacy with his educational content. His content primarily focuses on the power of investing, but he’s also great at breaking other important topics, like inflation, that affect our wallets.