If you’ve been dancing with the idea of starting a side hustle to boost your income, you’ve probably already thought about driving for Uber or performing odd jobs on TaskRabbit. But there are several lesser-known apps and websites that can help you find side gigs that you might not have otherwise considered.

A couple of these apps even connect to your bank account to help you stay on top of spikes and dips in your income. While these services may fly under the radar for finding side hustles, they’re worth considering to broaden your search for gig jobs.

True, you likely won’t get rich working a typical side gig. But you can earn some extra money to start an emergency fund or to pay down debt. Workers who take on side hustles on average earn $1,122 per month and spend 12 hours per week completing tasks related to their side hustles, a recent Bankrate survey found.

Here are five lesser-known services that help you find ways to make extra income immediately.

1. Steady

Steady launched an app to help the millions of Americans who aren’t working traditional 9-to-5 jobs take control of their financial lives during volatile times. The app’s primary feature helps you quickly find another job opportunity, like pet sitting or part-time hospitality work, to smooth out cash-flow hiccups.

After signing up for the app, you’ll fill out a short survey to get more relevant gig recommendations. If you have restrictions, such as preferring to not commute more than 10 miles or start before noon, you can add filters to your search. Then, the app will recommend gigs based on the data you supply, including suggesting side work that you can do from your home. If you click on “deals,” you can find other ways to earn money, too. In late July, for example, Steady was offering cash bonuses for opening a bank account at Varo Money or Chime.

The app is particularly useful for people with irregular income to help fill in gaps. If your employer reduced your hours or hasn’t given you a raise in years, you might want to try the app, too. Importantly, Steady will also tell you how long it takes to get paid for each gig.

Another perk: You can link your bank account to the app. This lets Steady track your income across multiple jobs (if you’re comfortable sharing your data).

This app is free to download and is available on iTunes and Google Play.

2. Dave

Dave wants to help solve your money-related challenges when you’re living paycheck to paycheck. The Mark Cuban-backed app, with its signature friendly bear, lets you choose to receive a small portion of your paycheck early to cover times when your bills are due and your bank balance is low. It also provides another potential solution: side hustle leads.

On the app, you can find jobs available from dog walking on Rover to grocery delivering on Instacart. When you tell Dave which jobs you’re interested in, the fintech company will text you a link to apply for them. Inside the app, you can track all the jobs you applied for.

What’s unique about the feature is its location: The side hustle feature is located in the money management app. So, if Dave predicts that you’re going to have a shortfall in your budget, it could send you a text urging you to apply for work as a remedy. It will also show you how much you’ve earned (in green) compared with how much you’ve spent (in red) per month.

It’s a good option for young adults, in particular. The average user’s age is 22. In the coming months, Dave says it will add more job opportunities that won’t require resources like a car.

You can either link your existing bank account to use Dave ($1 per month plus optional tips), or you can sign up for Dave banking and get the feature for free.

This app is free to download and is available on iTunes and Google Play.

3. Gigwalk

This mobile app lets you call the shots on how much time you want to spend on a gig. You can even choose assignments that take only five minutes of your time.

While the jobs will vary, expect to mystery shop a variety of consumer brands and retailers. For instance, you might double-check that a company’s products are displayed properly on a store’s shelf, or you might provide feedback on a redesigned website. Expect to take photos of your work and submit them through the app.

Gigwalk is a good option to consider for those who have some extra time while out and about. On the app, you will apply for nearby gigs (and find out if you get them). You can earn $3-$100 per gig. You can sort available gigs by earnings or due date.

To get paid for your work, you’ll need a PayPal account. You may not get paid as quickly as you hope, however. The client has up to 14 days to pay you.

Pro tip: Make sure to read all of the details about the gig before accepting the terms. The price listed may factor in reimbursing you for something you need to buy as part of the gig.

This app is free to download and is available on iTunes and Google Play.

4. Craigslist gigs

Sure, there are all kinds of trendy apps, from Fiverr to Poshmark, to help you make money on the side. But, as your options mount, don’t overlook an oldie but a goodie: Craigslist.

From sign-holding jobs to dating coach roles to karaoke hosts, you can find all sorts of offbeat gigs. To find out what’s available, click on the “gigs” tab in your area on Craigslist.

It’s a no-frills resource, but it’s a good option if you don’t want to download another app and are looking to explore a new talent.

5. SideHusl

If you want to find out what you can earn from a specific gig, consider visiting SideHusl. It lists expected pay on a wide range of opportunities. An Urban Sitter, for example, earns about $11 to $16 per child. On RentAFriend, you can expect to earn $10 to $50 per hour.

Not only can you use the job curation resource to find options that fit your skills and resources, you can also use the site to get a sense of how “good” the gig is. The company assigns a “Husl$core,” or grade, on a range of gigs ($$$$$ is the best, $ is the worst).

It also provides a review of the job to help you understand what it would be like. The service’s mission, according to its website: “We aim to shine light into the dark corner of the gig/side hustle economy so that you’ll know what you’re getting into before you commit your time, energy and resources.”

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