Podcasts are a casual and less time-consuming way to build up your personal finance knowledge.

It’s easy to pick and choose which topics you’re most interested in, and episodes can be listened to while commuting, taking a walk or running errands.

Because there are so many podcasts available, it can be difficult to narrow down which ones are most helpful and most relevant to you. To make this selection easier, Bankrate has rounded up 12 of the best personal finance podcasts along with who would get the most of listening to them.

WSJ ‘Your Money Briefing’

The Wall Street Journal’s “Your Money Briefing” releases short episodes, typically 10 minutes or less, that inform listeners on how news events can affect their finances. The podcasts also probe specific questions that are on many consumers’ minds, such as, “Is paying for identity theft-protection worth it?” Regular listeners stay updated on the latest trending financial topics while gaining tips for managing their own money.

Best for: Those looking to stay up to date on money and market news.

Recent topics:

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‘How to Money’

“How to Money” is hosted by two best friends, Joel and Matt, who discuss topics related to overcoming and preventing financial hardships, such as paying off debt and covering emergency expenses. The duo keeps it light-hearted yet educational and ultimately strives to make listeners think about how to handle their money more purposefully. The episodes run about 30 minutes.

Best for: Those who want jargon-free advice for managing money and candid discussions about how money works.

Recent topics:

  • How to teach kids financial literacy
  • The right way to quit your job
  • When single stock investing makes sense

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‘This Is Uncomfortable’

Hosted by Reema Khrais, “This Is Uncomfortable” examines why talking about money makes us so uncomfortable and how it can affect various aspects of our lives. Each episode, Khrais shares uncomfortable but relatable stories of her own as well as others. Episodes tend to be about 20 minutes.

Best for: Those who aren’t comfortable talking about money (yet!) and want to learn how it can affect adult life, relationships and identity.

Recent topics:

  • Coverage of recent rent strikes
  • How to escape the cycle of debt
  • What to do when you disagree with parents’ financial decisions

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‘Stacking Benjamins’

“Stacking Benjamins” is hosted by two financial advisers, Joe Saul-Sehy and Josh Bannerman, who have candid conversations about past financial mistakes and bring on guests with financial expertise. The podcast maintains a light and friendly tone, aiming to make financial literacy accessible. In general, episodes tend to run for an hour or longer, and better suited for when you have time to spare.

Best for: Beginners of navigating personal finance who want to start expanding their knowledge on the subject.

Recent topics:

  • How does inflation affect you
  • How automated businesses work
  • Lessons from some of the biggest investing mistakes

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‘BiggerPockets Money’

Hosted by Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen, “BiggerPockets Money” seeks to provide listeners the financial education they probably didn’t get while in school. The hosts regularly interview expert guests who offer useful advice from their own experiences and financial knowledge.

Best for: Listeners who want to learn how to grow their wealth and manage their money smarter through expert insight.

Recent topics:

  • How to avoid the middle class trap
  • How to eat for cheap
  • What effect does the stock market have on future financial plans?

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‘Side Hustle Pro’

Hosted by Nicaila Matthews Okome, “Side Hustle Pro” highlights Black women who have used side hustles to become successful entrepreneurs. Listeners learn the first steps to take and what’s required to become a successful side hustler. Episodes are about 40 minutes.

Best for: Those interested in starting a side hustle and in search of advice from others who have found success in finding or creating gigs that bring in extra cash.

Recent topics:

  • How to make your side hustle dreams a reality
  • How to access capital for your business
  • The rise of Mented Cosmetics

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‘Bad with Money’ with Gaby Dunn

“Bad with Money,” hosted by comedian Gaby Dunn, discusses everything from her personal relationship with money to more complicated financial topics like the student debt crisis. Overall, Dunn’s comedic background makes “Bad with Money” an easy yet educational listen.

Best for: Listeners who want a socially conscious discussion of personal finance with a bit of comic relief.

Recent topics:

  • How paying to find romantic partners affects relationships
  • Who gets left behind in financial literacy messaging
  • How LGBTQ Pride Month has been used for corporate marketing

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‘So Money’ with Farnoosh Torabi

“So Money” is hosted by financial strategist, TV host and best-selling author Farnoosh Torabi. On each episode, Torabi speaks with one of today’s top business minds, including academics, authors and influencers, on a particular financial topic. Episodes are typically 30 minutes or less.

Best for: Listeners looking for inspiration to get their finances in order through insightful and interesting conversations with special guests.

Recent topics:

  • The best tech resources for supporting busy lives
  • How might closing an old credit card hurt your credit score?
  • The psychology of fear and anxiety around money

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‘Money For the Rest of Us’

“Money For the Rest of Us” is hosted by J. David Stein, a former chief investment strategist and money manager. Stein answers the personal finance questions many of us have probably had, but may have been too afraid to ask, and provides business-minded insight into how money works. Episodes are typically about 30 minutes.

Best for: Listeners who want an in-depth, but easy-to understand, breakdown of personal finance and investing.

Recent topics:

  • Is it better to invest in big tech or medium tech stocks?
  • How to be a successful contrarian investor
  • Is stagflation coming?

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‘Her Money’

The “Her Money” podcast, hosted by NBC’s financial editor Jean Chatzky, hones in on financial situations specific to women. Some of the issues tackled by the podcast include the gender wage gap, women investors and the importance of financial independence. The podcast delivers a jargon-free, casual tone, and episodes typically run about 30 minutes.

Best for: Women who want to make informed financial decisions and be elevated by other women.

Recent topics:

  • NFTs
  • How money affects women’s mental health
  • How we can bridge the racial and gender wealth gap

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‘Planet Money’

A podcast by the National Public Radio, “Planet Money” hosts a variety of speakers and contributors to explain what’s going on in the economy. The podcast was launched in response to the financial crisis of 2008, with the intent of explaining the economic forces that led to the crisis for nonexperts. Today, the podcast continues to address and clarify the evolving economy in 30-minute (or less) episodes.

Best for: Listeners who want a better understanding of current economic conditions.

Recent topics:

  • How the U.S. influenced Russia’s economy
  • The effect of fossil fuels on manatees
  • What’s in store for student loan borrowers?

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‘Yo Quiero Dinero’

“Yo Quiero Dinero” is hosted by Jannese Torres-Rodriguez, who turned her side blog into a successful online business. On the podcast, guests share personal finance success stories, with a particular focus on stories from Latina women. The podcast aims to connect and inspire Latinas to make confident financial decisions.

Best for: Listeners, especially Latinas, who want practical tips for navigating personal finance.

Recent topics:

  • How to stop burning yourself out
  • How to navigate the first-generation college experience
  • Maintaining financial independence in a relationship

Listen to “Yo Quiero Dinero” on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Amazon Music.