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Student Budget Calculator

Calculate your student budget and more

This student budget calculator is specifically designed to help students understand their expenses and income while attending a university, college or other full-time educational institution. 

To get the most realistic budget as a full-time college student, our calculator allows you to input  all of your expenses and income for an eight-month school year running from September through April.

How to budget in college 

Budgeting in college may take some creativity and dedication, but it doesn't have to be restrictive. Crafting a well-rounded, realistic budget not only helps you manage your current finances, but also sets you up for future financial success. 

Here's how to create a budget while earning your degree: 

  1. Itemize your monthly spending: Go over your credit, debit and bank statements to identify your necessary monthly expenses like rent and utilities (if not living on campus), transportation costs, groceries and  insurance costs. 

  2. Analyze discretionary expenses: After you've recorded how much is spent on everyday expenses, check all of your monthly statements to see how much you spend on non-essentials, including eating out, clothing shopping and subscription services.

  3. Compare spending to income: Compare your monthly income to the amount going out each month. If you're struggling to make ends meet or come out to a deficit, cut out some of those expenses and set a monthly discretionary spending limit. For example, instead of eating out two to three times a week, save eating out for special occasions or once a week or start shopping at discount grocery stores and farmers markets instead of boutique stores.