Tresl and Auto Approve are online platforms that match prospective borrowers with attractive auto loan refinance options. Both serve consumers in all 50 states and feature a convenient online lending process. However, Tresl also features commercial auto loan solutions, while Auto Approve has options for motorcycle, boat, ATV and RV refinancing.

You’ll also find that Auto Approve is more transparent with its offerings through partner lenders. Although the specific lenders they work with aren’t disclosed online, you can view more detailed pricing information before applying. But Tresl requires you to get prequalified to access pricing information.

Tresl vs. Auto Approve at a glance

Here are some specifics of both online lending platforms to be aware of:

Tresl Auto Approve
Bankrate score 3.4 4.0
Better for •Commercial loan financing
•Comparing rates
•Transparency when applying for refinancing
•Seamless refinancing
Loans offered Refinancing, lease buyout, company car purchase Refinancing, lease buyout
Loan amounts Not specified $10,000-$150,000
APRs Varies by lender 4.99% – 24.99%
Loan term lengths Not specified 12 to 84 months
Fees Varies by lender Varies by lender
Minimum credit score Varies by lender 640
State footprint All 50 states All 50 states
Time to funding Not specified Varies by lender
Autopay discount? Not specified Varies by lender
Refinancing restrictions •Age: No more than 10 years old
•Loan amount: At least $8,000
•Months left on loan: Not specified
•Mileage: Under 150,000
•Varies by lender
•Heavy equipment and commercial vehicles excluded

Tresl auto loans

Tresl is an online lending platform that makes it easy to compare lenders when shopping for auto loan financing. It features an extensive network of lending partners that include credit unions and online lenders.

It features loans for refinancing, lease buyouts and company car purchases. If you choose to refinance your existing loan through Tresl, you may save a bundle if you qualify for a lower rate. But you won’t see potential rates (and be able to calculate possible savings) until after you prequalify.

Lease buyout loans are generally processed within 24 hours, which is ideal for borrowers seeking a lender offering fast funding times. The same applies for company car purchases — most loan applications are fully approved in as little as 24 hours.

Once you submit an inquiry, you’re automatically matched with a dedicated financial advisor. This individual is available to help you navigate the lending process from start to finish and answer any questions you may have. Few loan comparison platforms offer this level of hands-on assistance, though it’s not unheard of — rival iLending offers a similar service.


  • Soft credit check for prequalification
  • Streamlined online application process
  • Dedicated customer support


  • Terms and rates not disclosed online
  • Possible loan origination fees
  • Minimal lending product options

Auto Approve auto loans

Auto Approve is also an online lender match tool that helps you find the best deal on refinancing. It works with credit unions and banks to get you the best deal, and most of the paperwork is also handled in-house.

Borrowers can choose from auto refinancing, motorcycle refinancing or auto lease buyouts. Auto Approve states it doesn’t mark up the rates its partner lenders offer. Even better, you could be eligible to defer your new loan’s first payment by 90 days (though skipped payments will be tacked onto the end of the loan term).

Auto Approve also allows co-borrowers, if you need to strengthen your financial profile to apply for the best terms. Or you can use their platform to find a lender that will help you refinance and drop a co-borrower you no longer need on the loan.


  • Deferred payment start date
  • Co-borrowers allowed
  • Personalized assistance


  • Possible lender fees
  • Limited disclosures on lending partners
  • Auto purchase loans unavailable

How to choose between Tresl and Auto Approve

Both feature attractive loan options for auto loan refinancing and lease buyouts along with car protection plans, but Tresl is lacking in the upfront transparency category. Still, you can find financing solutions for your next company car purchase, which isn’t an option with Auto Approve.

Choose Tresl if you seek commercial auto loan financing

Tresl doesn’t offer as many refinancing options, but it beats Auto Approve if you’re looking to buy a company car. Tresl states most applicants receive an answer regarding prequalification in seconds, and it takes roughly 24 hours to receive full loan approval.

Plus, you’ll get personalized assistance from a Tresl Finance Advisor. They will work directly with your company’s fleet management service and the lender to ensure the transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

Choose Auto Approve if you want more transparency before applying

You can get prequalified and view potential rates in minutes with Auto Approve. But if you’d prefer not to take this extra step right away, ranges for loan rates and terms are published online. Plus, the loan calculator is available to estimate potential savings.

Auto Approve also offers motorcycle, boat, ATV and RV refinancing, unlike Tresl. You also have the luxury of avoiding rate mark-ups. Plus, you could be eligible for a 90-day deferment period before your first payment is due.

Compare more lenders before applying

Tresl and Auto Approve are two online lending platforms that can help you find the best rates and terms on auto loan refinancing. Still, it’s vital to compare multiple lenders before applying to ensure you get a good deal. By taking the time to research and compare multiple lenders, you can make an informed decision and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars in the long run.