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Insurance Basics

Gap insurance

Learn how gap insurance works and when to consider it for your car insurance plan.

8 min read

Turn 25, save on auto insurance?

Young adults have the highest car insurance premiums of all drivers. If you spend more on vehicle insurance each month than on your auto loan payment, you are probably wondering at what age you will finally [...]

7 min read

What your home insurance covers

Buying and owning a home is quite an undertaking. Your home could be the largest asset you will ever own. And while you may know what your homeowners insurance policy covers in a broad sense, there may [...]

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Latest Articles

  • Understanding Car Depreciation

    It is a fact of life that everything ages. With cars, that aging is called depreciation. More specifically, depreciation is the difference between what your brand new car is worth and what it is worth [...]

    4 min read Jan 04, 2021
    A vintage car parked in front of a house.
  • Virginia Car Insurance Laws

    Having car insurance in Virginia is important. Data from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) showed that in 2019, 180 people were injured per day in car accidents across the state. There were [...]

    4 min read Dec 18, 2020
    Richmond Virginia skyline
  • What is a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

    Your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) is a string of numbers and letters specific to the vehicle. Like a fingerprint, each VIN is unique. You might see them called VIN numbers in some cases, [...]

    4 min read Dec 18, 2020
    A man in a car dealership signing forms.
  • Colorado Car Insurance Laws

    Drivers in Colorado are legally required to carry car insurance. Without it, you are not allowed to operate your vehicle on the road. Even if your car sits in the driveway most of the time, it still needs [...]

    4 min read Dec 18, 2020
    Denver, Colorado skyline
  • New York Car Insurance Laws

    New York State drivers are required by law to have auto insurance, and to abide by insurance laws, in order to drive legally in the state. New York’s insurance limits are higher than many states, but [...]

    5 min read Dec 17, 2020
    Streets of downtown New York City.
  • Bristol West Insurance Review

    Getting cheap car insurance is hard enough even with a clean driving record, and if you are a high-risk driver with tickets and violations in your history, being turned down by many insurers may be commonplace. [...]

    4 min read Dec 17, 2020
    A woman sits in the back of her SUV with the back open and her dog is sitting with her.
  • Farm Bureau Insurance Review 2021: Car, Home, and Life

    In 1939, Iowa Farm Mutual Insurance Company opened its doors in Des Moines, Iowa. In its infancy, the company sold liability insurance to local farmers. As the company grew and opened offices in other [...]

    6 min read Dec 17, 2020
    unpacking car in front of home
  • Texas Car Insurance Laws

    Car insurance laws are an important thing to take into consideration when deciding how much auto insurance you need to carry. Further, car insurance laws can be complicated and, sometimes, hard to decipher [...]

    4 min read Dec 17, 2020
    Streets of Austin Texas with traffic.
  • 21st Century Insurance Review 2021: Car & Home

    21st Century Insurance, a small operation serving the residents of California and Hawaii, is best known for its fast claim turnaround time and customer service. Most business is done online or over the [...]

    4 min read Dec 17, 2020
    car with truck open in front of house
  • Securian Financial Review

    Securian Financial was founded in 1880 as Minnesota Mutual. In 2001, the company was rebranded as Minnesota Life Insurance. Fast forward to 2018, Minnesota Life Insurance took on the name of its parent [...]

    4 min read Dec 17, 2020
    A single mom and her two kids are laughing and sitting together on the couch in the living room

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