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What is an annuity?

Millions of Americans invest in them, though they do have some notable drawbacks.

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  • The Best Wyoming Home Insurance Companies

    Homeowners insurance is needed in all states, and Wyoming has special needs that make this insurance crucial. Whether it’s snow, flood or wildfire-related damage, your home is likely going to show some [...]

    4 min read Aug 06, 2020
    A view of a small community against the distant mountain range.
  • USAA Insurance Overview

    USAA Insurance is known for its service to the military community and their families. Whether you’re active or former military, an eligible family member, a cadet or midshipman, USAA is available to [...]

    7 min read Aug 06, 2020
    soldier with family and dog
  • How to Plan a Safe Summer Road Trip During COVID-19

    For many people, the summer months are filled with long-awaited vacations to see friends and family. But this year looks a little different. With the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans around the country are [...]

    3 min read Aug 05, 2020
    A woman sticks her head out the window of a jeep and enjoys the breeze during a road trip.
  • Mobile Home Insurance

    What is mobile home insurance? In terms of purpose and definition, mobile home insurance is much like standard homeowners insurance. If your manufactured home gets damaged, this insurance coverage offers [...]

    5 min read Aug 05, 2020
    A young man sits on the steps to the front door of his mobile home and laughs with friends sitting on lawn chairs.
  • The Best Utah Home Insurance Companies

    As home prices in Utah rise rapidly, the value of a home insurance policy to protect your investment is at an all-time high. According to the U.S. Census, 7 in 10 Utah residents own their home, a 10 percent [...]

    4 min read Aug 05, 2020
    A nice, residential area in the mountains.
  • The Best Alaska Home Insurance Companies

    For homeowners in all geographic locations, finding a home insurance policy can be a challenging process that requires time, research and effort. But homeowners in Alaska face an additional challenge: [...]

    4 min read Aug 05, 2020
    An idyllic home along the Alaskan coastline.
  • Adverse Selection in Life Insurance

    Adverse selection is a financial term that means one party in a transaction has information that the other party doesn’t have. For example, if you sell a car knowing the starter is faulty and neglect [...]

    4 min read Aug 05, 2020
    An older couple reviews their finances with an expert.
  • New York Life Insurance Review 2020

    Life insurance is one of the ways you can ensure you don’t leave your family with any financial burdens. The New York Life life insurance company has been providing customers with peace of mind for 175 [...]

    4 min read Aug 05, 2020
    An older couple spends some time together cooking and preparing dinner.
  • Prudential Life Insurance Review 2020

    Planning for after you’re no longer around may be an uncomfortable subject, but if you have family you want to make sure will be financially okay if something should happen to you, it’s an important [...]

    4 min read Aug 05, 2020
    A mother and her son with with grandma on a bench in the park enjoying the day.

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