The Petal® 1 “No Annual Fee” Visa® Credit Card is one of the best credit cards for no credit on the market today. This card is unsecured, meaning you don’t have to put down a cash deposit as collateral like you do with secured credit cards. Plus, it has other credit-building features, and the card’s issuer (WebBank) makes it easy to get approved when you compare to other unsecured credit cards.

If you just signed up for the Petal 1 Visa Credit Card or are almost ready to take the plunge, you should have a general idea of how to maximize this card’s perks and features. Read on to learn about the main benefits of the Petal 1 Visa and how you can put them to work on your behalf.

Features of the Petal 1 Visa Card

The main benefit of the Petal 1 Visa is the fact WebBank uses alternative data to approve applicants with no credit. This means they look at information like banking history for approvals, which makes it easier to get this card with no credit history or a low credit score.

Other features of the Petal 1 Visa Credit Card include the following:

No annual fee

First off, you should know that the Petal 1 Visa does not charge an annual fee of any kind. This is good to know since many credit cards for no credit do charge annual fees, and some even charge hidden credit card fees as well.

No foreign transaction fees

The Petal 1 Visa doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees either, which is a major plus if you may want to use it for international travel. This benefit will help you avoid paying extra fees for overseas purchases, which usually increase the cost of everything you purchase by 3 percent or more.

Earn a higher credit limit

The Petal 1 Visa also gives you the chance to secure a higher credit limit over time, which may be important if you get the card’s starting credit limit of just $300. Once you make at least six on-time payments on your card while maintaining or improving your credit score, you can graduate to a higher limit and more purchasing power.

Earn rewards on eligible purchases

This card also gives you the chance to earn 2 percent to 10 percent cash back on purchases made with participating merchants via the Petal Perks program. This isn’t the same as earning cash back on everything you buy, but it’s better than nothing.

Mobile app

Finally, it’s worth noting that the Petal 1 Visa comes with an excellent mobile app. You can use the app to monitor your purchases and payments on the card, and you can even use it to find eligible retailers that let you earn cash back on purchases.

The Petal mobile app is so useful that it has an average star rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Play and 4.8 out of 5 stars in the App Store.

Maximizing the Petal 1 Visa Card

While all these features can be useful if you want to build credit quickly, how you use your card will determine whether it’s a plus or a minus for your finances. With that in mind, we have some suggestions on the best ways to maximize the Petal 1 Visa as you build credit for the future.

Make the most of the Petal 1 Visa with the following moves:

  • Use it for small purchases you can afford to pay off. The Petal 1 Visa charges a variable APR of 24.99 percent to 34.49 percent when you carry a balance, so you should only buy items you can afford to pay for in cash.
  • Pay your bill early or on time each month. In addition to paying your credit card bill in full each month, you should make sure you always pay your bill on time no matter what.
  • Check which retailers offer cash back. Before you make a purchase, see which retailers are offering cash back if you use your Petal card.
  • Monitor your card usage with the mobile app. Use the highly-rated Petal app to monitor your spending and credit card due dates. Doing so can help you stay on top of your credit usage no matter where you are.

The bottom line

The Petal 1 Visa can be an incredibly useful tool when it comes to building credit with a credit card, but the way you go about it will make a difference in your results. By using this card carefully and wisely and making sure you never miss a payment, you can use it to boost your credit enough to qualify for a better card later on.

If you haven’t signed up for the Petal 1 Visa and are on the fence, make sure to read over our Petal 1 “No Annual Fee” Visa Credit Card review. In the meantime, read over our Visa benefits guide so you have an idea of the main credit card perks you’ll qualify for. Finally, make sure you compare other similar credit cards for no credit and fair credit, including secured credit cards and student credit cards.

Also, note that WebBank lets you see if you’re preapproved for the Petal 1 Visa without a hard inquiry on your credit report, which can help you gauge your approval odds.