Originally founded as the National Union Life and Limb Insurance Company in 1863, MetLife began operating under its current name in 1868. Today, MetLife is America’s largest life insurance company by insurance in force. While the company’s initial aim was to provide insurance to clients, MetLife has expanded to include a wide assortment of insurance products and financial services to help individuals and businesses plan for long-term success.

Headquartered in New York City, MetLife operates in 16 countries throughout the world and serves more than 70 million customers.

Insurance with MetLife

While MetLife is most well-known for life insurance, the company provides a range of insurance products including auto insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance and home insurance. The MetLife website offers free instant life insurance quotes for customers.

Financial planning with MetLife

MetLife provides retirement advice and strategies for clients, and the company offers an assortment of investing services such as annuities and individual retirement accounts, or IRAs. MetLife Securities Inc. is the company’s brokerage and mutual funds division that helps clients trade stocks, save for college and grow existing money for the future.

Retail banking with MetLife Bank

MetLife Bank, the company’s commercial banking company, began doing business in 2001. The bank performed well under the U.S. Government Stress Tests in 2009. An FDIC-insured direct bank, MetLife Bank conducts the majority of transactions via online and phone banking, but its customers do have ATM access to their accounts. MetLife Bank does not charge fees for ATM use, but the company does not reimburse fees from other financial institutions for the majority of its accounts.

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The MetLife corporate headquarters are located here:

200 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10166

To reach the MetLife office, customers can call (212)578-2211 or the company’s toll-free line at (800)638-5433.