Blaze MasterCard®

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Annual Fee:
No Annual Fee.
Purchase Intro APR:
Regular APR:
15.65% This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.
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Commonly used for: Bad Credit.

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Although it’s an unsecured credit card, the Blaze MasterCard has terms and conditions nearly identical to that of many secured cards. It has a sky-high APR, comes packed with fees and doesn’t give you a lot in return.

The only real difference is that you don’t have to put down a security deposit, which might be more appealing for someone with poor credit who is short on cash.


The Blaze MasterCard is what some might call an end-of-the-line choice. This is the type of credit card you might get if you have a blemished credit history, don’t have any extra money for a deposit on a secured card and you need a credit card.

There are some big drawbacks to this card that should not be overlooked. First, it charges an annual fee of $75. In the fine print of the card agreement, it states that the range of credit limit you could be given starts at $350 up to a maximum of $1,500. If you’re only granted a credit limit of $350, that annual fee will cut your credit to $275 before you even sign your name to the back.

Part of building up a better credit profile is maintaining a low credit utilization ratio. If you’ve used up $75 of your credit on a $350 credit line, that’s a credit utilization of 25%. Anything above a 30% ratio can have a negative impact on your score, which means that actually using this card may not do much to help your credit rating.

The card also has a double whammy of high APR — a variable 29.9% on purchases — and a $25 late fee. That’s bad news for anyone whose bad credit is at least partly to blame on late payments.

Unless you commit to exceptional payment behavior with this card, you will have difficulty improving your credit score and qualifying for better offers.

One possible bright spot with this card is buried in the fine print. It’s possible to qualify for a higher credit limit if you pay on time, meet the issuer’s debt-to-income requirements and keep your account in good standing.

We have enough gripes with this card that we think you’d be better off using a prepaid debit card or a secured card.

Who should get this card

We can’t recommend that anyone choose this card.

  • If you have less-than-stellar credit, you can still get approved for this card.
  • The Blaze MasterCard is an unsecured card so you don't have to put any money down to open the account.
  • There are no maintenance or set-up fees like with many other cards aimed at those with poor credit.
  • The annual fee eats away at your useable credit.
  • The APR is higher than average.
  • It's unclear what the exact terms are to attain a higher credit line.

Fees and APR

  • The annual fee is $75.
  • The variable APR on purchases with this card is 29.9%.
  • Late payments won’t affect your annual percentage rate but you will be subject to a late fee of up to $25.

Extras, perks and using points

For an additional $4.95 per month, you can enroll in the PREMIUM Club Membership, which gives access to an online mall that pays cash back rewards and offers lost key protection and prescription, hotel and rental car discounts.