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Liz Bingler

Former Editor, Credit Cards
  • Rewards credit cards
  • Credit card comparisons
  • Credit card news
  • Loyalty programs
  • Bachelor of Arts, English Literature and Fiction Writing, University of Pittsburgh


Liz Bingler joined the Bankrate team in 2021 as a credit cards editor. Since then, she’s focused on producing reliable and educational content to help people better understand how credit cards and their rewards systems work, along with how they can be useful tools for building credit and paying off debt.

Before joining Bankrate, Liz worked as a freelance account manager, content manager, writer and editor for Prose Media, a content marketing agency based in New York. During her five-plus years at Prose, she wrote and edited content for 45 Prose clients in more than 20 industries, including clients in the financial services and fintech industries.

Liz has a B.A. in English Literature and Fiction Writing from the University of Pittsburgh. Outside of work, Liz loves long road trips and old movies, and she never leaves her home without a book — or three.

Liz wants you to know

Everyone should have at least one credit card. If used responsibly, credit cards are helpful and easy tools for building and maintaining good credit — which is crucial for getting an apartment, mortgage or car loan. Utility companies, employers and insurers may also check your credit to gauge what kind of risk you are, too. Credit cards are also safer to use than debit cards since they have more fraud and purchase protections in place, and they can allow you to book a hotel room, rent a car and get gas for your car without a significant cash hold tying up your account.

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