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Helen Wilbers

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Helen Wilbers is a Bankrate editor specializing in auto loans, though he's also contributed work on the student and small business loan verticals. Helen is passionate about demystifying complex topics, such as car financing, and helping borrowers stay up-to-date in a changing and challenging borrower environment.

Helen is dedicated to bringing the latest, most accurate information to readers. He recently attended the SABEW 23 business journalism conference to better grasp current macro environment trends. While helping launch Bankrate's new small business vertical, Helen conducted in-depth research on more than 30 lenders to ensure Bankrate highlighted only the products that would best suit entrepreneurs' needs.

Helen lives in Denver. In his spare time, he enjoys foraging for mushrooms, reading, and dabbling in amateur entomology.

Helen's recommended readings:

The better you understand how loans work and how lenders think, the better equipped you are to save on your auto loan.

— Helen Wilbers

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