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Ashley Parks

  • Writing
  • Theatre
  • Credit cards
  • Bachelors degree in Writing and Theatre, Texas Christian University (TCU)


  • Editor for Bankrate credit cards


Ashley Parks is a recent graduate of Texas Christian University (TCU), earning her degree in Writing and Theatre. She began her career as an associate editor for Bankrate credit cards in July 2021.

In her college career Ashley served on the editorial team for TCU’s Journal of the Arts, Eleven40Seven, and she served as the Editor-in-Chief for the Spring 2021 edition of TCU’s Women’s Center Chapbook. Ashley is fascinated by the many ways people can make credit cards work for them when armed with the right knowledge. She’s very interested in exploring more about how the right credit card knowledge can better assist artists and those in marginalized communities, most specifically Black women.

You can also learn more about Ashley, her work and her artistic pursuits at her personal website.

Credit cards can be a very helpful tool when you’re armed with the right knowledge, and I want to do what I can to offer everyone that insight, no matter their background.

— Ashley Parks

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