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Can you deduct credit card fees?

Personal credit card use is almost never eligible for a deduction come tax season, but if you’re using a business credit card you can likely deduct your fees.

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  • Deducting travel expenses

    Tax expert George Saenz discusses whether a teacher can write off a trip as job-related.

    1 min read Jan 10, 2001
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  • Taxes across the nation

    Fuel taxes — and gas prices — are going up in North Carolina just in time for summer vacations. Meanwhile, Minnesota tax officials hope their expanded compliance efforts will net them thousands of [...]

    2 min read Jun 29, 2000
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  • Yankees, Go File!

    Time is up for New England taxpayers. A one-day extension to file returns ends today and federal tax forms must be in the mail by midnight April 18, 2000.

    1 min read Apr 18, 2000
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  • Get your tax forms in order

    Common tax filing mistakes could cost you money. Number 7: forgetting to include all your forms and attachments when you send in your return.

    1 min read Feb 28, 2000
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  • Property taxes explained

    Community services, such as police and schools, are funded through property taxes. How much do you know about the taxes on your home?

    6 min read Feb 03, 2000
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